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Fixing missing Letho issue

I imported the save from TW2 to play TW3, but by mistake the save I took was not the autosave of the endgame, but the save right before speaking to Letho. This caused TW3 to do the implicit decision of killing him (while I preferred not to). Is there some way to modify TW3 using console and facts settings, to make sure Letho is in the game?

For the reference, I just completed The Fall of the House of Reardon, and Letho wasn't there (I saw on the Witcher wiki a reference to him, so I assume this means the import made him dead). I don't mind going back to the manor again, with tweaking the game state if it's possible.
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Another thing - I started a quest a while ago, but didn't go to the manor until now. I.e. I'd rather not reload all the way back before I even started it.
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And is there some command which displays the value of the current facts? Commands in the console have no feedback whatsoever, so it's not clear even if they succeeded or not.
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I've seen this thread, but it doesn't really answer how to make Letho appear in the manor:

@sv3672: is it even fixable, or the only way is to start a new game?
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