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Game breaking, immersion breaking, horrible scandal in Thronebreaker (Mahakam).


How offended are you?

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There's a female Dwarf in one of the first Dwarven villages you come across in Mahakam, and she doesn't have a beard.

This is just downright offensive.

For shame.
I'm not offended at all. Let each female decide for herself beard or no beard, provided she's got all her paperwork in order with the Mahakam authorities. I'm commenting on this thread because I too would love to see more bearded female dwarves in any future Witcher Tales games as well as Gwent multiplier. Dwarven females are especially significant in the Witcher universe lore. Here's a quote from chapter one of Blood of Elves. Let me first set the stage for you. A crowd gathered under the great Oak Bleobheris has begun to argue and vent why Nilfgaard won't leave them alone.

"What do the Nilfgaardians want?"
"They want our blood!" howled Baron Vilibert.
"And our land" someone cried from the crowd of peasants.
"And our women!" chimed in Sheldon Skaggs, with a ferocious glower.

Several people started to laugh - as quietly and furtively as they could. Even though the idea that anyone other than another dwarf would desire one of the exceptionally unattractive dwarf-women was highly amusing, it was not a safe subject for teasing or jests - especially not in the presence of the short, stocky, bearded individuals who's axes and short-swords had an ugly habit of leaping from their belts and into their hands at incredible speed. And the dwarves, for some unknown reason, were entirely convinced that the rest of the world was lecherously lying in wait for their wives and daughters, and were extremely touchy about it.

In addition to further contributing to the awesome art work of gwent cards, I think this general concept of keep-away-from-our-women! within the dwarf lore could be used for all kinds of humorous and catchy voice line sound bytes when card are played. Dwarf-women is great chance for cards that tell a story.