[Suggestion] Game economics: additions to craft

Craft in TW3 is just great - WAY better than in TW2, pretty well balanced in terms of relative price, and generally wisely designed. Too bad it became pretty much useless now, due to appearance of new DLCs with completely balance-breaking stuff like Temerian / Nilfgaardian Armor sets, set of Undvik armor, etc. When playing at high difficulties, at first you struggle hard to fight even simplest wolf packs, and then you end up with loads of crafting materials, with next to no ways to use it (except maybe for glyph crafting). This is why I'd like to suggest two improvements to crafts.

1. Level adjustment. It's quite strange that you can loot leveled swords and armor (which have different values of damage and defense, depending on level), yet all crafts have fixed level - mostly really high level. Obviously, this system just asks for an additional option: possibility to customize item level - increase it or decrease. Of course, it should receive stats according to new level (higher or lower than listed in diagram); and, indeed, it should come at a price - higher amount of materials spent, and maybe higher crafting cost too. Say, it should require 2x more of each material than base if difference between base level or new level is 1 to 10 (higher or lower, doesn't matter); 3x more if difference is 11 to 20; difference of 21+ levels should be impossible, probably.

2. Additional stats customization. Did you notice that you can loot, say, relic version of Nilfgaardian guardsman armor with health bonus, while crafted version is just magical and has no extra bonuses, except for resistances? Well, it could be fixed, probably! Say, it would be nice to add some kind of special "disassemble" option to smith, just aimed to learn how to create certain bonus, rather than to receive materials (i.e. disassemble costs money, doesn't return any mats, but grants knowledge instead). Just one of additional item stats should be learned upon disassemble of a single item (chosen by player). Later it should be possible to create an item of higher tier (say, relic instead of magical) with 1-2 additional bonuses, or rather replace existing relic bonus with "saved"/"learned" one (say, Impera Brigade armor with health bonus learned from disassemble of Nilfgaardian guardsman armor, instead of its basic bonus to Aard), spending more materials (fixed per given bonus) and more money. It should probably go along with level adjustment, though bonus size should probably be scaled together with new item level (i.e. increased of decreased).

This addition should also help with making money mean something again, too.
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I looted all my weapons and armor. Maybe a bit too low difficulty. But I did have 50k gold.
The biggest problem with looted armor is that it might offer decent protection from damage types coming from humanoids (i.e. piercing / bludgeoning / slashing), it might even offer resistance to elemental damage (which is completely useless, as it doesn't protect against anything), but it means no protection against monsters at all. Witcher armor (crafted), on the other hand, provides this or that amount of resistance to damage from monsters, but then again its resistances from humanoid weapons are average at best. It might be unnoticeable at low difficulty levels (or even at high difficulty, if you are an experienced player: heck, last time I've completed the whole main plotline and HoS without using anything other than Nilfgaardian guardsman armor, looted at level 3 from the
House of Respite
, and Ursine armor); but it becomes kind of hard in B&W, when monsters start to hit you for 3-4k of damage per hit. This is why I'd really like to take some great anti-human armor like Impera Brigade armor (35-40% base resists), Order of the Flaming Rose armor (40% resists) and especially Toussaint knight's tourney armor (43% resists + health), and add resistance from monsters to it via advanced craft options!
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