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Game freezing on loading screen [XBOX 360]

Game freezing on loading screen [XBOX 360]

So i get the Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition for the XBOX 360 ( since my PC can't run the game very well... ) and i was playing it without any problems. Until today when i'm entering through a door to go to another section of the city ( Floatsam ) and the loading screen symbol just froze up. I waited for like 1 minute or more but then i realized that the console had froze entirely up on that loading screen. So i restart the XBOX and the game runs well again. What i like to know is if this kind of "loading screen freezing" are common in Witcher 2, someone experienced this issue playing on the XBOX 360?
( I'm playing the first disc, with the game installed on a pendrive )
Loading from flash drive is more than likely while you are getting freezes. Especially if the speed of the flash drive isn't up to standards. I have the disc and digital versions of Witcher 2(Currently have the digital version installed to the 360 HD) and have never had any freezes at all.