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Gerald doesn't speak anymore [XBOX 360]

Gerald doesn't speak anymore [XBOX 360]

Hello all,

I take the liberty to post here because of a problem I currently have on The Witcher 2 for xbox 360. I reviewed forums on your website or in another websites and I didn't even find my issue...

I'm on xbox 360, currently in the Act 2, Vernon's part, and for every dialogues the camera is in the ground or strangely positioned. More important : I still hear the characters speaking except for Gerald... Every dialogues from Gerald disapears... Here are some exemple when I speak to the King Henselt :

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Not really fun isn't it? :D

So I relaunched the games, I even try to launch it with the disc (I have the two version : discs and downloaded), I checked for my corrupted files in my hardrive and I even removed and redownloaded my profile. I even deleted the downloaded game and tried with only the disc, then with only the disc but with the game installed on my console. And finally I deinstalled the game and downloaded it againt from the marketplace : Same issue...

I don't know if it is only on one part of the game (little sisters quest), if the dialogues will come back soon or later... But I don't want to "waste" the game by playing without the Gerald's dialogues :( I think the only solution is to restart the game and to do again all the hours I already did... If you have other things I could try please tell me or informations about this issue please let me know, you will make my day :)


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