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Hawker Smuggler Keeps Boosting the Same Unit

Ok I've been playing this game for a long time.

I didn't capture a screenshot of this because I just thought it was my own incompetence.

So they were an Anna Henrietta player and I was playing Scoia'tael Eldain

He manages to steal Smugglers and play a second smugglers from my starting deck.

I end up passing round 1 losing but 1 card up on 4 cards to his 3

He then plays a 7 Damien (so out of 10 boosts that's 2)

I play a boosted to 7 of my own

He uses his leader ability to copy a 3, refreshes Daminen then plays a 16 Letho.

All round 1 every unit he played after the smugler was boosted by at least 1.

He never played any other boost card in card units or copied them.

Also he didn't have a prestige level. Where the banner should have been was like a weird altar thing.

So something screwy is going on watch out. Even if people think it was due to smugglers that's 11 boosts all on 1 card. That's some screwed up RNG there.
...Even if people think it was due to smugglers that's 11 boosts all on 1 card. That's some screwed up RNG there...
There! You answered your own question/doubt. This is the most probable thing that could have happened. I had a game in which the enemy Ruehin appaearing on the same row for 7 or 8 turns for a Slyzard (entire round reappearing on the same row). It's hard to believe, but it is a true story. In a row with 2 cards, all boosts from Knighthood going to other card and not for Tridam Infantry had happened (and captured in The Great Dandellion YouTube video). There are crazy RNG things that happen every now and then.

So, it is highly highly unlikely that this scenario you explained is due to cheat or exploits, but rather a worthy The Great Dandellion Show content.
It's a problem with the randomness engine of Gwent. Same thing was the case with reveal, and same thing is the case with other randomness. Among them Alba Spearmen which tend to damage the same unit. Tibor summons a unit almost always to the ranged row.

It doesn't feel random, it feels predictable. I'm pretty sure people were aware of this predictability when reveal was still a thing. Because the reveal would often be the same, and people could abuse that to score extra points.
Almost all the time, akwardness assined by humans to random generators are the product of human imagination, I mean, its much easier to use a fair random generator, than convince thousands of people that something random is actually random...
Human mind naturally remembers odd behaviors and forgets the regular ones, so in their minds, all the odd behaviors seems much more common than they are really...
Well, that's just not the case here. I've sent a request to CDPR to have a look into it.

To me it is predictable behaviour, not randomness. If it's predictable, it's definitely not random. Even a coinflip, it's not predictable, because it is random. Normally it should be 50/50 chance, so you should be able to say it will be the opposite of what it was last, but it's not that predictable.

I'm talking about row's. When I can predict which row a unit summoned with Tibor will land on, that's not random if I (almost) always get it right, and I always guess the same row.
you should predict it 100 times and get it right 80 to have some validity, and keep track of each one of them, if you are only based in what you remember happened, its not valid at all, if you are only based in 5 times you predicted it and got 4 or 5 right, has no validity either
It's not about what I remember, it's about what I have seen as clear evidence, within the same game and noticed down to myself that it's not right.

I had 3 "random" revels in a round once from decks with 10 cards or more, and the 3 reveals revealed the same two cards 3 times in a row. I've seen so much evidence in games that random is not really random, the discussion is not even about that anymore.