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How to Deal With Nekkers



Against Nekkers: Deny them with the weaken effect. Mardroeme, Wiley, Peter. If you weaken a nekker by 3 points, it will get deleted/banished from the game because a card can't have 0 strength.

Against Swordmasters you have to deny the point boost as good, as you can. Easy against players without Quen. if they're using Quen... it isn't really easy.


NG Sweers may be the most effective weapon against Nekkers, but you have to be patient and let them use Nekker Warriors first. Good timing us important.

Mardroeme can be useful, but often these decks run Shadow and just play another Nekker.

Others expect that the first Nekker will be killed and don't mind having two Nekkers in their starting hand.

Artefact compression/Coral is useful too.


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Recently I Compressed the first one my opponent put on the board and my opponent forfeited. Apparently no more in hand yet a whole strategy based around the one cherished card. I had to laugh.


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again and again and again

Just wana say i can't go thru that nightmare again.please do something about nekkers i cant have 100 locks in 1 deck as they can have nekkers ty


In addition to direct counters (Mardroeme/Peter, Artefact Compression, lock, Sweers), you can also indirectly counter Nekkers by not allowing your opponent to Consume much. It is often easier to achieve (because more available means to do it) than direct counters.

If it's round 3 Nekkers that are causing you the most trouble, you could always try saving whatever other-than-Sweers direct counter you have for that round (or round 2 in case of locks). Banishing or Compressing a buffed up Nekker is certainly more satisfying than sniping a 3 strength one!
Although if your opponents tend to have multiple Nekkers in R3 then it's of course better to nip the problem in the bud.


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I made this for you:

If you have Artifact Compression, run it instead of one of the other silvers, its is great against nekkers, especially if your opponent hands you R1 with a dry pass and only has one in hand R2. If that happens and you have AC, you might just have the game.

Good luck and have fun!
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I've been having some trouble with nekkers too lately. Even when i used my NG deck with Peter i lost, as now the Nekker players know how easy it is to reset and banish one, so they have tons of backups!

Before, i usually only had to deal with 4-5 Nekkers, so i left it for the end and banished at the end, but on this patch i've had matches where i saw 9-10 Nekkers, didnt really know how to stop that.

Not even my Kambi deck, that is usually my last resort and works against almost everything saved me, as killing those 2 nekkers on board only brought 2 of the same pts, + Hemdall = 40 something points!


Guess it's time to throw in my 2 cents. When you play against a pure Nekker deck, the opponent usually doesn't commit too many resources in the first round because (s)he wants to use the power of the Nekkers to win. That's why you have to take the first round and then try to go for the 2-0. The opponent might assume you will pass and not take a hand with extra consume. This means (s)he might lack enough power to overtake you. This doesn't work with all decks, but it should at least work with Spies, Swarm and Spell decks.


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lemonsplitter;n9795961 said:
Recently I Compressed the first one my opponent put on the board and my opponent forfeited. Apparently no more in hand yet a whole strategy based around the one cherished card. I had to laugh.
I am laughing right now. The kid must be looking for the what-to-do tutorial on youtube. Hands down, man.


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God damn nekkers!

The guy/girl was lvl 71 on casual. I didn't have enough removal or shut down and he/she just kept getting another nekker on the board. Would take 6 cards to stop that bloody nekker train. He didn't have so many silver/gold units though so I guess that deck doesn't have space for that?
It does further highlight how ST has no deck synergy compared to Monsters and SK as they really do! Oh..not forgetting NG and the spy deck which again. H as great synergy.


gards;n9979961 said:
He didn't have so many silver/gold units though so I guess that deck doesn't have space for that?
That deck easily has space for the typical amount of gold and silver cards.
That shouldn't be an issues. Probably just didn't draw all golds and silvers.


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I once used Sweers on 7 before the update. The most satisfying clicks I've ever done, clicking on every single one after the other :p Naturally the opponent forfeited afterwards xD It's one of my top Gwent moments ever xD


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What's the best way to play against consume?

I've only played against the deck, never with it. The only thing I can say for sure is to try to get card advantage and keep Scorch-like effects for their leader, but that still leaves a lot of questions:

1) Do you push round 1? The deck has poor early tempo so going two cards up is a real possibility. Once you are up 2 cards, do you pass or keep playing? Consume seems to be able to put out an overwhelming amount of points with relatively few cards in round 3.
2) If you're playing a deck that thrives on long rounds, do you pass round 1 and go straight to round 3? I get the impression Consume is a deck that will dry pass round 2 if it wins round 1, not sure if that's true however.
3) If you won round 1, do you bleed round 2? I get the impression that ideally you bleed until they play Nekkers, then you pass. However Consume appears to be pretty weak if bled, since they require both Nekkers and enablers to generate points.
4) Do you destroy Nekkers when possible?


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As a consume player (dont hate me) ill give you a couple of tips -
Killing the nekkers while they're young is easier than trying to tackle them in rounds 2 and 3 when they're massive. The more you kill, the less you'll have to face later on.
And I'm more than happy going 2 cards down in round 1 because of the insane tempo I can generate in the next two rounds. So you should probably scrap the idea of trying to get card advantage. If you can smash out an almighty load of tempo at the start of r1 like reveal ng can then you may force a consumer to go 3 cards down (which is basically impossible to recover from).
Also, we consumers don't like locks and we don't like our vrans getting moved around.
And it goes without saying how we feel about Sweers