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I like to move it


With the Scoia'tael week and everyone gunning for Eithné Control, let me show you a more interesting alternative: Brouver Movement or, as I call it: Like to Move it.


You usually want to play as long a round as possible for your big cards to shine: Ragh Nar Roog, Dragon's Dream and Regis. The thing is, though, having all three might be overkill. So, don't be afraid to use RNR in round 1 to push your opponent out, giving you full control over the final round.

Almost all cards have synergy with movement. Even Blue Mountain Elite has indirect synergy and becomes interesting when you can move units to a different row. Same deal for Bowman and Bomber who rely on positioning.

Nivellen is a noteworthy card to combine with Dragon's Dream and Regis. Even without those, he is still very nice combined with Sentry. When you have Nivellen, you should wait playing Sentry until the last moment.

Noteworthy Ace: Call of the Forest, a cheap tutor card to get any elf you want, which might be the key to victory if you're missing your star elf.

Optional cards:
Vrihedd Sappers: It's easy to trigger and a nice counter for artifacts, but ultimately not essentially for this deck.
Milva: Good opener card, but not essential.
Regis: Yeah, you can easily move units, but it's more difficult to properly align them. Regardless, Regis is usually still good value.

Final note: Two provisions unspent and plenty of flexible slots. So, you can give the deck a twist.

EDIT: Alternate version:
2x Neophyte, instead of Sappers, to more easily trigger Aelirenn.
1x Roach, instead of Sentry, for more thinning (but also greater potential to brick your hand).
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I don't have many of the Golds in this list, but I also didn't consider Weather as a tool. This has been very insightful!