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Greetings, all,
This is to explain the purpose and limitations of the Technical sections. First off, please, note that these sub-forums are not a channel of CD PROJEKT RED's Tech Support Team! They are intended primarily as a space where the community can share issues, seek assistance from, and offer help to their fellow gamers.

Posting here does not count as a report to CD PROJEKT RED's Technical Support.

If you need to contact the RED Tech Support Team, please, visit the Official Tech Support Website. This is the only method to insure your issue is properly reported and registered. So, please, send in those tickets.

To simplify things for everyone, here are a few general guidelines, both for posting here, and for contacting Support:
  1. Post or report only one issue at a time. It is much easier to reply to issues for everyone -- other users, moderators and REDs -- when one topic contains input regarding one issue.
  2. Please, use the platform-specific sub-forums.
  3. Providing information on the platform, the format (disks or digital download, as applicable), the context, and the frequency of the issue's occurrence is required.
Thank you!
Not open for further replies.
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