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Improving the New Player Experience

Dear CDPR Gwent Team,
I've been playing gwent for a long time and I have a full collection. I do not need to be rewarded for friend matches. However, I really want my friends to get into the game so I can play against them. I have like 5-6 real life friends who have some interest in the game but are intimated by what it means to start on a card game. The most enjoyment I get out of the game are the times they come on and play against me. There are two issues I'd like to address and pose suggestions on ways to address them.

First issue is that if I can get a friend to play, they won't have many good cards, or anything besides the starter decks. The starter decks are really bad and boring to play. I can use a starter deck to play against them on an even level but then we're both using decks that aren't very enjoyable.
The first suggestion is obvious: make starter decks better. You can do this by giving players more cards, but I think it might be more interesting if you gave them a mid-tier deck that had "borrowed" cards in it. Basically they can use that deck, but they don't actually own the cards in it and can't put them into another deck. This method would greatly improve the new player experience while still not affecting your card collection economy by starting them off with more cards. You can even rotate what's included in these "borrowed" decks so players can experience different play styles.
The second suggestion would be to let my friend use one of my decks for a friend match. The negative of this is that it could be a bit overwhelming to have all these good cards that do different things but I think that's still way better than being underwhelmed by a bad deck. One thing that happens a lot is I talk to my friends about a really dumb deck I made and they tell me about how much they'd love to play it because it sounds fun. I believe if I could let them borrow the deck and let them have fun with the game they'd be more inclined to play on their own and earn the cards to make something fun of their own.

The second issue with playing against friends is that you're not rewarded for it. I don't understand why there are no rewards for playing against a friend. I'd love to play against them when they feel like playing, but I also want them to actually play the game and earn rewards and get new cards. People have jobs and they don't always have time to do both.
My suggestion is to introduce a daily reward for playing against a friend. You can have tier levels same as daily rounds won. For friend matches however I would simply do rounds or games played. Some people aren't very comfortable playing against random people online right away and have to ease in to that. Rewarding them for friend matches helps them get into the game.

Please help me improve the new player experience so my friends can enjoy the game as much as I do.
Thank you for reading.
The starter decks really need to be improved ASAP, i've said this before several times, but CDPR doesnt seem to see it as urgently as us.

If they're planning to implement those starter deck improvements on the march update, i'll be disappointed, these decks are really trash (specially now with witcher trio from 12 to 9pts), i faced two today and felt sorry for them, as if the experience gap wasnt bad enough they still have impossible odds against all players with regular decks, which will scare some, if not all, away before they can actually get decent cards.

The faction ambassadors were going to be responsible for it, but if needed i can start throwing suggestions, so at least this problem gets the attention it deserves.
During the beta, there were a series of human vs CPU matches to unlock heroes. During these matches, ore was gathered. Instead, how about a series of matches unlocking, 25, 50, and 100 ore, with the final match having 2 faction specific kegs. Each match is a practice against a different enemy faction. Or in the alternative offer rank 30 players experience for practice matches up to level 10 (the level required to play ranked in the beta.) In either event this allows the new player to get some cards and scrap and improve some of the basic function of their deck.