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Is phoenix broken?

I lock phoenix card , but hatching egg appears in new round.

Also Big question about Phoenix egg artifact.
CARD cost 13 , Artifact 0.

I wanna Vivien artifact and boost +13 ,
but it COST 0! Why?
Lock gets removed from graveyard, so won't affect an ability that triggers in the graveyard.
And phoenix has 2 conditions, the original card, with cost 13, if its in the game would be viviened up to 13, or the hatchling, which is a token, that transforms into phoenix as order, the tokens have provision 0, so they can be destroyed by viviene, the phoenix egg is not an unit, so cannot be targetted by viviene anyway, just clarifying that any unit that is a token spawned by a spell or unit, has provision cost 0.
Yes unfortunately tokens have 0 provisions, so whilst Vivienne: Oriole can destroy the Phoenix Hatchling artifact, you don't get any boost to Oriole. It'd be cool if she boosted by 13 in this case I think.
What sense create 13 point card from 0 point artifact?
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I believe its not a unfortunately tokens that a miss with balance in a game or bug :)