Is V the worst dancer ever?

Why does V dance so bad?

Just had the scene with Alex and she dances so good.
Even Judy in hangout has some good moves but V just waves her hand like turning light bulbs and done.
I feel like in terms of "Awkward Videogame Dancing." I've seen worse, like some games have had some truly terrible attempts at dancing and dance emotes. Some of them purposefully cringe inducing, but others just bad.

I also think being locked into the view where we can really only see what V's hands are doing, so they over accentuate the hands to make it look like V is doing something, that definitely doesn't help.

But yeah, overall, not great dancing, definitely not the worst I've seen in a game, but also not good.
Haters gonna hate
i personally loled hard the second Alex said „your rhythm isn’t bad. wow“ - it felt like comedy in that situation
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