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It's Law of the Jungle.




The assault on Scoia'tael guerilla ended well for the Monsters, but within their ranks the fights never truly stop. And there, only the strongest and most cunning will survive...

In the new Special Arena mode, you will be able to create your decks with Monsters cards only. The event will last till Wednesday, August 8th, 12 PM (noon) CEST.

Good luck and have fun!


Not the most pleasant event...
Weavess+Brewess+Whispess, around 6-9 copies total....
You don't have them and can't win via Imlerith...
3x Sabbath...
if you don't have multiples of removal


It looks like each arena event is worse than the one before it. And by worse I mean it's more and more dependent on the cards you are offered.

As it was said above, this event comes down to who has more crones and sabbaths (and is more lucky to draw less crones).

How about making arena events with more basic rules like:

1. Every player gets the same number of golds/silvers/bronzes (could be 6/9/10, for instance).
2. No weather cards (and cards that generate weather effects).
3. No removal (kinda who gets better engines contest).
4. 2 factions (everyone draws cards of specific 2 factions + neutrals). I believe CDPR promised this kind of events.
5. Heck, even allowing to draft silver spies in the arena could be ok.


I am happy for any variety but please why only one week how about 2 or 3 weeks? And then you can start each 3 weeks a different arena mode.