Judy's Gift????

The wetsuit is in a box - it's just decor really, can't equip it

I did find out what the real gift is tho, it's the ashtrays full of smoldering cigarettes she leaves around your apartment :p
I can't stand items in games that are introduced and than taken away. When I first did Judy's backstory mission, and saw the wet suit. The first thing I said: Not getting this thing. When I saw Rogue's anti grav boots. Not gonna be able to get this. Anything that disables a game limitation = dev laughing at the player. But we can sprint forever, after a perk. Nice work with consistency. So legs can stop getting tired. But cyber lungs can't store oxygen. They can't stop fall damage. And titanium bones can't reduce or stop car impact damage. :shrug:

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I found it in another thread, but can't remember which one. Anyway, complete list of all gifts from npcs.
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I wonder if some of these items are bugged or if they got removed at some point. Cause I've yet to see a single screenshot of a record player, Kerry's poster and an Aldecaldo jacket. Kinda odd that it would be bugged for literally everyone.
Little update: on my third playthrough the game box appears on the counter besides the sunken couch and the alter is on the shelves in the bed alcove, you gotta try to climb up onto the bed to see it though :\
Hopefully this bug can get fixed soon. I keep checking after every patch to see if they snuck it in but there's still no gift from Judy :(
She must of used one of Night Cities most incompetent delivery services :ROFLMAO:
Hey, after a while i received a text where she says she's embarrassed after drunk texting V and that she left a gif, went back to Mega building H10 and found this. Think this is what she meant
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