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Making of CG Intro

Making of CG Intro

In January, we released epic CG intro trailer for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition, produced by the award-winning animation studio, Platige Image.

Now Platige Image has produced a behind-the-scenes look at the production of the video, from the early renders and motion-capture sessions to the beautifully produced final clip. You can view and share this three-minute video here.
secondchildren said:
Too late Marcin, members made you bite the dust since it's already been shared LOL


You're super as always :)

I know it's already been shared, but not on our website
Kindo said:
We who live in Germany are not allowed to watch the video, apparently. Sad panda.
Seems like it's the same video as the one halfway down the page Dona linked to, minus a 3-4 second ESRB warning. Below the embedded youtube video of the trailer, above the picture. I don't think that particular player can lock people from certain countries out.
I don't think that's the reason. It has sth to do with this ...
... ACTA
I'm German and can't watch it either. They (who?) recognize that you are from Germany and we are knocked out here

Anyway, who needs YouTube stuff combined with ACTA/GEMA nonsense? Delve in the pleasure here, includes the trailer, making-of and interview
MM360 said:

I know it's already been shared, but not on our website
awesome vid!! I read the credits and I just found myself interesting in Adam Skorupa and aural planet right now thanks to this video, awesome music!!

thx for posting it...
gregski said:
Believe me or not but exactly there I got this link from