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Malena and the move archetype



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Malena and the move archetype

Currently Malena is 4 str 3 armour unit, which doesn't do anything on deploy. She gets removed easily, she competes with another silvers, and has a very narrow usage in an archetype yet to come -- movement scoia. It's great that marksmen got buffed and have an additional mechanic that works with Malena on the side of your opponent, but it's just not enough.

My suggestion is simple -- add a couple of str\armour points to her, making her not so easy target for machines and alzur's thunder and\or give her an ability to boost units on your side of the board by 1 point each time she drags a unit to her row. There is no need in giving her an ability to deal 1 dmg to enemies that she moved, when she is at the opponent's side of the board, because marksmen do their job.
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Malena works as a spy in almost any archetype because you can line up all of your opponents units for a tasty Hailstorm or Lacerate, I think she is especially useful in the movement archetype, and her synergy with the marksmen now is unbelievable.

I annihilated someone with a milling deck yesterday as I had 4 marksmen out, so every-time his units moved they took 8 damage.


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Yeah, she should definitely have a deploy ability. Something simple, like moving two Allies and boosting them by a small amount.


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Buffing Melena is ok but make her move units sound ridiculous. I feel kind of disgraced when the ST abuses the hailstorm these days. ST already have units that move allies and boost them, what's the point of another duplicated card?