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Minimalistic border around avatar

Please, please, would it be possible to make just one simple minimalistic thin wooden border without any ornaments and extravagance?

There are many borders, but they are just pure display of exhibicionism. I would really like if it would have been possible to have just one very simple and very thin border without anything sticking out for kind of player, who prefers regular version of card over premium version, who always uses default card back over spectacular one, who is not interested in egoistic exhibition, just minimalistic pragmatism. There are tens and tens "super-artistic" borders. Please make something very simple too. Thank you very much.
There are a few simple wooden borders available:


You want even more minimalism? Because you can also just remove the border altogether.
Thank you all for replies. My vision of border, which I would like, would be just very simple minimalistic thin wooden frame without any ornaments, where nothing is sticking out and everything is symmetrical, that is all. Thank you @4RM3D for your examples, but those borders are not fitting my description. I know @rrc, that I can remove border altogether (I currently have no border as none is fitting for my aesthetical feelings), but I would like to have very simple border. Something like what you put photo into and place it somewhere to display.
I've been playing gwent since the closed beta, but somehow i couldn't manag to get any borders. Why is that?