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Most imbalances in this game are a result of bad point to provision ratio and can easily be fixed.

I think Gwent is fun but the game is also not very balanced. Rather than list examples (if you have 1 or 2 tier 1 decks, that is a huge sign of imbalance) I'll cover why this happens and the easiest fix.

Most of the cards that generate overpowered swings have a 1 to 1 (or damn near) provision to point ratio, excluding Leaders for obvious reasons.

If CDPR were to maintain a lower point to provision ratio for all cards but some of the 4 provision ones such as Peasant and Wolf (they're 4 provision for 4 points but they also kinda suck due to having no synergy with anything while having vulnerable bodies) a lot of the imbalances in Gwent would be solved.

They already mostly follow this idealology as most cards cost more provision than they provide points, however in some cases, that ratio is either too close to a 1:1 ratio or in rare cases outright exceeds it.

This has been a common theme throughout every meta, all tier 1 decks have cards or power plays which are either a 1:1 ratio or exceed it, for example, Arachas Queen and Self Wound Skellige, both of which are the only tier 1 decks currently whereas before we had Crach Lippy Turbo.

Just a theory of mine. Hope you enjoyed the read.