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[NEW CARD] Sneak peek!



At first, I thought I was in the Warhammer universe (because of the artwork setting). Then I remembered that I am on the Gwent forums.



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Lyserus;n9784041 said:
Indication of "item" type cards??!:wat:(this emote is soo fitting)
More like "Artefacts", I think. Like in Artefact Compression.


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So I've been thinking about the timeline for the Release of Thronebreaker but I think Thronebreaker should only be Released when ready.


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any speculations on the ability of this card? do you think it's a spell card?

I am not into lore or I don't know what sword is this. but I they could release a weapon card. It might boost a unit by 6 and get the card back after round. Just my thought looking at the artwork.


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I hoped when we got this one that we will get like, weekly sneak peak of a card or two instead of waiting a month or two for a dozen of card to be revealed for a day.