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NG Could Still Use Some Reworks

I have always main-ed NG since I started playing Gwent way back in Closed Beta. My experience with Homecoming NG left a sour taste in my mouth because a lot of their bronze cards just sucked in my opinion. Reveal was such a mess, Soldiers felt half-cooked, Spies didn't really work and so on. The recent update fleshed out NG quite nicely and I'm really satisfied with the new changes. Unfortunately, they did not cover all the cards that I personally think should have been changed:

  1. Cahir Dyffryn - I think this card should be changed because there isn't much support for it anymore and it's easily removed. If this card could get old Rainfarn's ability of "Boost self and an enemy by 3" that'd be great.
  2. Yennefer's Invocation - This card got a provisions reduction with the update but I don't really think that's the problem with it. It is just very weak and strange. To buff it, I'd suggest adding, "If it is an enemy, move it to the bottom of their deck. If an ally, move it to the top of your deck."
  3. Master of Disguise - I believe this card is the most expensive bronze in the game. It is very strong if it hits a big unit but that is almost impossible with the current state of the game. There's hardly any tall units and there's too much removal. It lacks support as well. You cannot use Petri's Philter on this unit because you want this unit to be small, not big. This unit could be changed to support Assimilate or Spies somehow, it would make sense.
  4. Viper Witchers and Cadaverine: I'm grouping these two because I've been pretty vocal about them on the forums. Viper Witchers are just too random and the fact that they banish is very dumb. No real counter for them. As for Cadaverine, the card simply does not make much sense. Very awkward to use as well. They could be reworked to support a Poison archetype in NG or something else entirely.
  5. Combat Engineer - I've said it before but this card's ability would make much more sense in ST. They use a lot of artifacts. This card could boost self by 3 if a machine is present on your side instead. Simple and lore-friendly.
  6. Slave Hunter - It's very hard to get good value with card. Sure you could use spies to flood your enemy's rows and then pull them back with this guy but that is very weak. It is counter-active in my opinion. The card could easily be buffed by giving a set ability that does not rely on the number of units on the opposite row. For example, "Deploy: Seize an enemy unit with 2 strength or less." I honestly couldn't tell you how many times I've tried making this unit work.
  7. Alchemist - I still haven't found a good use for this card. It's a very interesting ability but I feel like it would make more sense in Skellige since they could swap a tall unit's power with that of a small one and then heal it back up. Maybe, copy the deploy ability of a Bronze unit on the board? That way you could stick this into any deck.
Assume these would get proper strength and provision changes. Again, I am very happy with the current state of NG but I'd like every card to be somewhat playable, thank you. :)
I have to disagree with some of them.

Firstly Cahir, it didn't have much support to begin with and after playing the seasonal mode a bit i don't think it needs it. In this mode Cahir proves to be a rather strong tech card against decks that rely on boosts too much. Personally i like his ability and i don't think it should change.

Secondly Yen's Invocation, while it might be rather weak your suggestion doesn't make much sense. The whole point is that Nilfgaard interacts with the top card of the deck, so you combo it with Cantarella or Isabel or maybe they change spotter to reveal the top unit.

Lastly Slave Hunter isn't that bad now, with the new Alba pikemen most opponents will stack on ranged row and it's really easy to get 7-9 value from it.