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OMG! Is there a cure for this?

Yeah, that is incredible! you have spent 5.6 hours playing each day on average since the release in 2017. You trully deserve something special for your incredible dedication.

Unless you just had the game running in the background :p
I'm playing since the Open Beta started...2176 hours at the moment...and I thought, I'm playing too much
i got 2 other friends in my friendlist, that have also over 2k

For me HC76 was the cure
was a shock for me too, but since 2 patches it became better. i think main reason was that they removed the waiting for the end round in case no other options are available. now it is way faster again.
For me HC76 was the cure
At the release it was terrible. I did not like it...not a bit. But with the patches it became much better. Not so much fun like in OB, but it has potential. By the way I'm playing not so much like in OB.
I wanted to post my hours but I don't think what I am seeing on my xbox is accurate. It's giving me some strange and obviously not correct information.