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First of all - thank you for helping us test GWENT!

We will greatly appreciate any feedback you can give us, please leave it in this topic.

In addition, we have prepared a set of surveys regarding cards. We'd love to know how useful you find the cards. Please pick the surveys that correspond to the decks you're playing (for example, if you're playing with Nilfgaard, please pick Neutral and Nilfgaard surveys) and let us know how useful you find each card:
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I have a problem with music. When my opponent played "wild hunt hound" or the "wild hunt navigator", the music went really loud for a moment, also, this intense soundtrack which starts when you have little time before your turn will automatically finish, was lasting even after passing.
"Could not connect to GWENT servers. Please verifiy your connection."

Tried reinstalling, disabling Windows Firewall and Antivirus. Nothing works.
trying to install and writing that it is "incompatible" please help

is homecoming only for 64 bits?
I buffed my hand using Filavandrel ability. I left clicked buffed sheldon (5 str) than right clicked to de-select the card, but it showed 4 str, I then played sheldon on the board and it was 4 str not buffed, is this a bug?
Some VERY early thoughts on cards as I'm looking at them, quite nit-picky so take it with a grain of salt. Do note I'm very happy with a lot of the changes and eager to try the new cards and mechanics. Naturally there was some stuff I wasn't as happy when i was reading the cards and that's what I'm focusing on this post. And forgive the massive wall of text.

As far as leaders are concerned: Crach An Craite seems a bit too low power compared to others, I could be wrong though. Any particular reason for Movran taking Calveit's ability and Calveit taking Emreis', while reveal loose it's leader?

Vesemir: Mentor as a witcher "leader" instead of alchemy tutor is a very good change imo. Eager to make witcher-focused archetypes with Ivo of Belhaven as well. His ability has passed to Ermion which makes sense.

Ele'yas and Primordial D'ao are going to be plain 9 ponts or are they pending abilities? New Frenzied D'ao isn't very interesting either. Elder Bear is another no ability card but it makes more sense, it's just a bear. The separation and simplification of D'ao doesn't seem good.

I think a pure Wild hunt archetype separate from deathwish is interesting, that seems to be diminished now with Ge'eels. I never pictured him as a deathwish card. The rest of the Wild Hunt seems to be around having the highest card, perhaps he could help towards that goal, moving boosts around or something like that.

Letho: Kingslayer name could be changed to better reflect it's ability, Letho: Infiltrator or something like that.

Abaya, Maerolorn and Crow's eye are practically the same. As are Wolf Pack and Wyvern; and the two drummond woman warriors; and Eyck and Geralt, Geralt perhaps could have different conditions of removal; Triss: butterflies and Ithline's; Adda: Strigga and Enraged Ifrit respectively. There's quite a bit of duplicity and it affects named cards which makes it very obvious.

I see a trend of separating cards that where linked previously like Blueboy and Delirium, the Ifrits, Coral and artifact compression. And that's fine but it seems unnecessary if they are given very simple abilities. In the case of Coral the drawing features the miniature soldiers si it was unexpected to see a discard ability, doesn't seem to fit much.

The new Eskel: Pathfinder ability doesn't fit much either, quite passive, him just boosting every turn. I think the card inspires something more agressive, like he had previously. Destroying monsters, perhaps with a timer that would fir the "pathfinder", following the prey, preparation and such. Dandelion: Vainglory would fit him more for example.

Dorregaray's ability fitted more before imo, seems random now.

Auckes is very unique, serrit perhaps could have a more cohesive synergy.

Harald and Poor F'ing Infantry seem quite simplified. There are some tutors that have turned into simple damage/boost like Barclay and Skjall, them being named I think warrants a more interesting ability.

Toruviel's ability going to mahakam horn and getting a very similar ability to Wild boar seems a bit unnecessary.

Nenneke could perhaps only heal instead of boosting but a higher amount? There's a lot 1 point damage and boosting imo.

New garrison seems way simpler. I think it inspires something similar to Reinforcements or perhaps protecting cards in some way. Perhaps an imune that one protects from X hits, Wyvern shield could also have something along those lines. So the opponent would try to bypass that with minimal waste with 1 point damages like mastercrafted spear for example.

Temerian drummer is like petri's filter, what about somehting that affects multiple troops, on the row perhaps. Like a drummer would raise morale on the army.

Overall, the removal of strengthen/weaken and most tutors have left a gap that in my opinion has been filled way too much with simple boost/damage in a plethora of tiny variations. The bronze core is basically just that and I think that's fine but some named card could be much more unique. There also seem to be some unnecessary swapping of abilities from one card to another that, from my perspective, only serves to give the illusion of change and confuse current players.
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As far as I can tell, the Special cards (i.e. spells and tactics) are marked with a flame in the upper left corner, Artifacts are marked with a jeweled goblet and units have a power number. The thing is, if you use key words like Special and Artifact in the deck builder, you'll have a hard time finding exactly what you're looking for.
Maybe there could be a more efficient way to browse the deck builder, for instance you could add those flame and goblet icons as filters. That way, if someone wants to look for Artifacts, he could just click on the goblet icon and see them all listed.
The wording is inconsistent between Geralt of Rivia and Leo Bonhart

Destroy an enemy with at least 10 power
Destroy an enemy with 10 or more power

EDIT: I'm adding my other posts comments onto this one comment. See each post for the screenshots.
I found a small advantage you can get sometimes by discarding Ciri: Nova rather than playing it, works with Phoenix as well.
The wording of Morkvarg makes it sound like it should work, but it doesn't. The wording on Morkvarg needs to be changed to Ruehin's (Deathwish: On turn end summon this unit from your graveyard) but with "and give it doomed" on the end.


"Permanently increase damage by 1", I got it up to 8 per turn and took the round, expecting it to stay when I resurrected it with caretaker. But it resets to 1 in the graveyard, and stays at 1 when resurrected.

I thought it'd be fun to make a deck based entirely around this card, and then resurrecting the card in the following round, but the word "permanently" here means "temporarily", so the deck doesn't work.


Crushing Trap says turn start, triggers on turn end.


Lock is currently worded as:

"Disables and flips over face-down units."

There's no face down units in the ptr to test it on but:

Traps currently can't be locked, meaning if the opponent has both a face down unit and face down trap, you can scroll over them with a lock and see if it's a trap or a unit.


Letho: Kingslayer doesn't copy locks, having "Copy" as an undefinited word on the tooltip makes the player assume that it's becoming a copy of the card. It needs defining as a keyword OR add "base" so it says "base copy without changing power".


And a non bug report, here's my write up for all the class' non-unit spell decks:

(All I ask to add is 4 cost non-unit cards!!!!)

Spell Decks PTR.jpg

Class specific cards that each deck can use for the deck:

MN - Parasite, Whispering Hillock
NR - Sabrina Glevissig, Vernon Roche
ST - Pitfall Trap, Incinerating Trap, Crushing Trap
SK - Morkvarg, Mardroeme
NG - Assassination, Letho: Kingslayer, Joachim
All - Runestones

Doomed cards (barely any), spy cards (again barely any) are both units playable in this deck as they don't interrupt Ciri: Nova. Runestone does but it's played for points in the event that the opponent can remove Morkvarg + Phoenix / 2 Phoenixes + Ciri: Nova, or for points in round 3 where it's worth just as much as a spell removal or more.

Nilfgaard > Skellige > Monster > Socia'tael > Northern Realms

(Nilfgaard) Joachim is better than Alzur, Letho is better than Hillock, Morvan better than Eredin - Don't play both Prince and Joachim. >
(Skellige) Slightly better than Monster, Mardreome being 1 cheaper than Parasite affords prince villem over shackles, and the 2nd copy of Mardreome is better than a Rock Barrage. >
(Monster) Has 2 phoenix, but only 1 out on the Hillock round. >
(Scoia'tael) the 3 usable traps are only slightly above average delayed spells, clearing is too easy right now so Ethne can't setup scorches and epedemics better than spells can do.
(Northern Realms) Sabrina is better than Arachas Venom, barely, sometimes. Vernon is nice but random. Hard to find a target for Adda.


Crach says enemies, can target allies.
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