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Pro Ladder full ranking chart

Pro Ladder full ranking chart

First of all, I like the Pro Ladder chart, especially being able to search for every single Pro Ladder player - including oneself.
Nonetheless I think it would be great if one could sort the ranking in order of fMMR by clicking on the specific faction in the full ranking chart. I assume it to become very interesting in about one or two weeks to see who performs the best on his/her beloved/best faction.

Looking into the future the top 1 or 3 of every faction, every season, could be honored with an in-game title like faction x Enthusiast ; Or ...praising the great sun... , ...dueling bears... , ...cosplaying a fiend... , ...hunting dh'oine... , ...squabbling with neighbours... , those could change every season to distinguish between them.
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Titles seem cool, but chart sorted by fMMR is a must, it would be a really great addition
Yeah, my two wishes for the leader board would be sorting by fMMR and being able to go to your page of the ranking, either after search or if you use the leaderboard button in game.
I got to add one more point.
It would be great if there was a simple number on the right top above the factions, which says how many players playing in that current pro ladder season and shows the current qualification border for the next season.