ps4 pro low draw distance

Okay, after being disapointed in ps5 grass glitch, making grass appear and disappear, changing form, shape, color, I decided to play ps4 pro version, simple downloading ps4 version and playing it 4k, would apply ps4 pro settings, but wow, I come in game and what do I see? the bushes, the grass, trees - drawing like 10 meters away from me. I turn on ps4 slim, and oh my God, it is perfect, it has a high draw distance, no grass popping changing shifting! but what is going on with CDPR? why ps5 and ps4 pro are still broken? I bought ps5 because I wanted to play witcher 3 with those insane beautiful graphics on ps5, now I cannot even play ps4 pro version because all of it breaks immersion. It is so upsetting that the only perfect way to play witcher 3 is ps4 basic console. Does nobody care or does nobody play witcher 3 anymore?
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