PS4 v4.0 resets settings on every launch & orher bugs

Every single time I open the game after the latest update, my settings are reset to defaults. This means that every time I want to play I have to set contrast etc and old controller layout. I also have to login again after EVERY LAUNCH… Why did you have to break this great game? I don’t want to play with the settings every time I want to play the game…

And that toxic green smoke you’re supposed to avoid? In caves and dungeons? Well… It’s invisible now… The poison effect is still there but you can’t see the vapors, great…

Fantastic, now about half of the sounds went missing, dialogue, music. And returning to main menu won’t help/fix it, so guess what… Time to relaunch and play with the damn settings, AGAIN… fuck you CDPR, really…

This just keeps getting better… ”Corrupted Data - Cannot load the saved data because it is corrupted”
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