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Question: Does opponent see the counter timer of my ambush units?



Question: Does opponent see the counter timer of my ambush units?


I always wanted to use Vrihedd Sappers to trick opponent to think I am using Toruviel.....however I have no idea if opponent can see the timer on sappers.
It's a shame if they can...I mean the point of ambush is that the enemy doesn't know what is coming..right? and we definitely need more ambush card


The opponent cannot see the timer and there is no way to tell for the opponent which ambush card you are using.


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Of course he doesnt. It's already too easy to figure out what ambush is being played as it is...

Well not if you use the Sappers, making you in the 1% who use them and actually catching everyone offguard!

Still, bring back the old 6 different ambushes. Or more, yes, do that, and SC might go back to being my 3rd favourite faction...


idomyownstunts;n9511651 said:
Oh really. Surely, it didn't preview it on SC too. Talk about spoilers on an already thin suspense.
It doesn't. Instead, it previews the previous target, which is all the more confusing.


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arubino99;n9509671 said:
It's hilarious to pass vs ambushers and they never flip. Same with Morenn.
Morenn actually flipped before the hotfix, which was very funny. Passing is risky though as it might be Toruviel.