Ray traced shadows on vegetation are too dark

Hi !

so me and my friend noticed the raytraced shadows curently kill the translucency effect on the vegetation and the leaves too much...
the leaves against the sun are almost black while without ray traced shadows you can see nicely how the light comes through the leaves

so i took some screenshots and try to blend those two together and i think that would be the perfect spot...

not sure if its a bug or just technical issue or just missed oportunity but the raytraced shadows feel kinda broken as they disapear completly in some places. randomly switch ther amount of darknes and coverage on some trees. so wouldnt be suprised if theres some problem with the blending with the transclucenncy too...

here are some examples and comparisons in this order : 1st is the mixed version 2nd is RT shadows OFF 3rd RT shadows

note: im playin with much brighter gama then the default value as it gets super dark in the shadows otherwise so it would be much worse than on these screenshots

1 MIXED.jpg
1 RT shadows off.jpg
1 RT shadows.jpg
2 MIXED.jpg
2 RT shadows off.jpg
2 RT shadow_.jpg
3 MIXED.jpg
3 RT shadows off.jpg
3 RT shadows.jpg

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4 MIXED.jpg
4 RT shadows off.jpg
4 RT shadows.jpg
5 MIXED.jpg
5 RT shadows off.jpg
5 RT shadows_.jpg
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