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Recent media coverage

Recent media coverage

Check out some of the most recent interviews with CDP RED team members as well as some fresh previews of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition from around the world. For your convenience we’ve gathered them in one place – simply click on the link to learn more.

Official Xbox Magazine interviews Marek Ziemak #2
Adam Badowski talks with GameTrailers
GameSpot interviews Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz
Craveonline talks with Adam Badowski
Adam Badowski at Curse
Preview by Kotaku
Preview by IGN
Media is really loving the Witcher 2, it's just a shame that when it was released on the PC it didn't get the attention is deserved!

Either way CDPR once again you did a great job I can't wait for the April 17th as I will buy Witcher 2 again!
"The gameplay time is longer also, thanks to new movies and cinematics. The intro we presented in January is just a fraction of what we’ve got prepared. We also prepared some content to explain the game world and the events of the first game – we will unveil these later on. There are also over a hundred of new gameplay improvements."

Compelling indeed. I can't wait to see the new gameplay improvements on PC.
I already bought two copies of Witcher 2(one for a friend) and I'm considering a third copy, just because you guys are awesome.
Oh, yeah, Xbox360 version...great.
I cannot wait untilk they make a PC version. You know...which utilises mouse and keyboard for controls and has a proper inventory like every rp-game since Diablo had. (Including The Witcher.)
Congratz CDPR!

Really good to know that you are getting the attention from the media as you deserve. CDPR is my favourite developer since TW1EE was released. I hope that with your care and fan service that no one pirates your games, one can only hope right? Since you really do care about your fans/gamers more than any other seems to do these days.

I hope The Witcher 2 sells a lot on the X360 so that your hard work really pays off, also I'm a Pc-gamer so I'll replay Witcher 2 on April 17th! I will tell my brother to buy the game on X360, who mostly plays on a X360 and has not bought TW2 on the PC since his rig cannot handle it. :)

To show my support for CDPR I will buy TW2EE on steam in April, Since it is convinient to have it as a digital copy too :)