Regarding In-Game Nudity Suggestions

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Hello, all,
Many people have posted requests for more nudity options in the game. It has been confirmed that the lack of nudity (outside of the inventory) is not a bug, but is by intentional design. Until official word states otherwise, it is to be assumed this will not change. Despite this confirmation, players have continued to voice energetic requests for full nudity options. The topic has been raised in multiple threads, and has attracted much attention. As an example of the volume of these responses, a large, merged thread, containing nearly a thousand posts, may be found here.

For those who wish to continue posting such requests, please, be aware that there is neither indication nor guarantee that the situation may change in the game; however, this passionate public feedback has been noted.

In the interest of maintaining civility, at present, further discussion of this topic is on pause, since the requests attract rude and inappropriate comments. Therefore, no new threads on the topic are being allowed, at this time. In addition, attempts to divert existing threads to this topic will not be allowed.

While we recognise that some players are deeply disappointed and frustrated, and may wish to see the design changed, we ask that they, please, respect the developers' choices, their fellow players, and the rules regarding kindness and respect in the Forum Regulations.

Thank you.
Kind regards,
The Moderating Team
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