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Replace ELO with +/-X for Win/Loss

Right now the biggest factor of a player's success is knowing when to queue. That's literally more important than anything else.
A win rate of 70% vs players 50+ ELO below you is worth 150 points/100 games while a win rate of 57% vs players 50+ ELO above you is worth 155 points/100 games.
If you get a guy 200+ ELO lower than you then your ELO gain is 3 points and your loss is like 15.
This is already an RNG game, being a CCG. Why would you add RNG to the matchmaking as well?
The only reason ELO works in chess is because there is absolutely zero RNG involved in the game therefore the ELO is an accurate representation of each players odds of winning against their opponent. If the lower player wins then ELO is adjusted to reflect the new odds but in CCGs you can get a crap hand(it happens) and lose not because of bad play but rather bad luck.
At the moment you have both draw variance as well as matchmaking variance.
Some will say that if you remove ELO it's just the same because people drawing less skilled opponents will be at an advantage. That's not true.
We all get the same amount of lower skilled/higher skilled opponents on average. The difference is the in game RNG which might give one player bad hands vs the lower ELO opponents while giving another player bad hands vs higher ELO opponents. This doesn't have to happen a lot but if you look at the leaderboard right now you will see that there is only 1 point separating 1st and 2nd place.
If you make it +/-X for win/loss then the matchmaking RNG will be taken out of the equation.
If I remember correctly doesn't the number 1 player also have more losses than wins? That is just so weird to look at.