Several issues with Cyberpunk 2 decisions made by the devs

I'm currently playing a corpo netrunner having finished PL before the main quest lines. I heard there are some new talking points when you do that. After this playthrough, the game is going to gather dust, I see no reason to come back to it anymore.
I couldn't do it, I've just lost all enthusiasm for the game now. At least I made it to 1000 hours played, I consider that a good investment.
My main issue is not being able to slap weapon mods on iconics, let me play non-lethal with my favorite weapons goddammit :giveup:
I'm surprised there's not an iconic kiroshi with dedicated non-lethal modifiers. Must have needed the space for more world of warcraft meme legs.
So, there are some things which really annoy me...

Okay, clothing is cosmetic now, but why is it still handed out as "special reward" or found in special locations?
Had a good laugh when Regina rewarded me with 2 clothings, worth 220 eddies or 2 crafting parts, for being especially good on the cyberpsycho-missions...

Actually this annoys me the most:
The whole game is now a hunt for crafting parts as it seems to be the only purpose, as these are so hard to get. And it even ruins game fun.
Example: Had a "sneak in and kill someone" mission (with no requirement of being unnoticed), so I did that. And when I was done, I thought dammit, I need their weapons for crafting parts, and I went down and killed every single goon in the building, to get half of the parts for upgrading one weapon.
Is that the intended way to play now? That's sad on many levels.

For some reason, when I get iconic weapons, they are often worse than regular ones. And they often can't even be upgraded with silencers/mods.
That's sad somehow.

I'm not sure about the leven scaling of enemies. On one hand it makes the game a little more demanding, but, as it so many other games using that mechanic, at some point every cheap burglar is running around with "longsword +3 dragonkiller", you know...

That's all for now.

As not part of the topic, but after almost 3 years and so many patches, why are there so many day 1 bugs still out there, some already a meme to me like the floating radio in the nomad camp, some game breaking, like random times when you notice the game doesn't let you sprint/fight anymore...
I can confidently say (after 2 playthroughs post v2.0, both with 70+ hours, now playing my third character since the update and with at least a fourth on the horizon) that the truth is the v2.0 update is not 100% compatible with v1.0's design. They did their best, but several decisions made by the team before launch and during the blitz post launch sort of got lost in translation.
I agree, some iconics are better than others. I don't mind the game building toward iconics in the late game. My issue is the infrequency of the legendary items drops in the late game. It takes a long time to farm legendary items. Kinda irksome at level 60 with all skill progressions at 60.

My only complaint is the awkwardness of managing cyberware at the rippers. Armor and cyberware capacity feels random and magical the way the numbers juggle per configuration.
-In 1.6 some vehicles that you did not own could persist and stay where you left them which was neat, in 2.0 even just opening a store menu 12 feet away can be enough to make those same vehicles disappear from right next to you.

Yeah, there's some aggressive despawning of vehicles in 2.0, even the ones you own. It's a pity, I liked the immersion of parking a vehicle and finding it there
I dont use iconics, simply because hardly any of them can have mods/scopes/silencers.
However, some iconic cyberware is pretty good. And netwatch iconic cyberdeck for the cheap car hacks
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