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i starting making a serie of gameplay video on cyberpunk 2077
a playtrough on the hardest difficulty

here some few photo i take for the covers of the video

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even without mods this game its so ... impressive
and i don't play at max setting and only at 1080p

off topic
did they CDPR add some few minors fix/patch
i can run smoothly the game with RT enable now , a few weeks ago i can only run above 40 fps , now with around 50 fps with the same old setting graphics .?
Maybe (the last update was the "DLSS3 FG and Reflex" update), but it could be from Nvidia Drivers too :)
This Petrochem Gig smells more and more of the Raffens the more I read. Four trucks destined for SoCal carrying unspecified heavy tech and chooh2 are last seen filling up their tanks at the Sunset Motel on the I9. Radio-chatter was picked up by Dakota at 10:48pm, five minutes later all four GPS trackers stop sending their signal back to Petrochem. The transmissions picked up by Dakota were garbled, the only thing she could get from them was "F@#k! we're not gonna make it, if anyone is listening we're being taken out by...". Dakota says the chatter from the trucker was all of five minutes. I might head out to the Aldecaldos camp tomorrow, Panam might have some deets.

Awww there there, cheer up puddin.
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Now give us your ennys
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Panam said she had some deets about some shady but heavy activity coming from the Raffens camp. Knowing her nose, I'm sure it's the missing Petrochem trucks and equipment.
getting some deets 1.jpg

getting some deets 1.1.jpg

getting some deets.jpg

V: Panam! how's things? any trouble with the Raffens? How's things between you and Saul?
Panam: Hey V, good to see you! when is there not trouble with the Raffens haha. Everything is fine between me and Saul... for now that is.
V: Well well, playing nicely I see... So, what's the info you got for me?
Panam: Just finished transferring it to my laptop, we'll grab a couple beers first and head to the OP room.
V: Lead the way.
getting some deets 2.jpg

Panam: Two Jimmy, thanks
Jimmy: Hard day Panam?
Panam: Always a hard day looking after you lot.
Jimmy: Always a pleasure Panam.
Panam: Haha, see ya Jimmy.
getting some deets 3.jpg

V: Okay, spill it Panam. Whaddya got for me.
Panam: So, we've had a small crew keeping an eye on the Raffens camp, after the ordeal with Saul we thought best to keep a close eye on the scumbags. Now, Tracey here said they saw four Militech trucks, two loaded with heavy combat mechs, fully operational I might add, a tanker pulling chooh2 and a truck carrying unknown chemical barrels pulling into the compound. We know how the Raffens operate, they have no sympathy or compassion to anything or anyone that isn't apart of their fam. There were two survivors, Tracey saw them being dragged in the compound.
V: So... Militech is involved in this too, I should have guessed. What did you see Tracey?
getting some deets 4.1.jpg

Tracey: The sounds these two men were making, I never thought a grown man could reach such tones, sends chills down my spine just thinking about it. The Raffens didn't care, they were just laughing, pouring booze and flicking cigarettes at them, as their dismembered bodies were dragged inside. Animals!
V: I've seen it first hand, back when we were rescuing Saul. Animals is an understatement.
getting some deets 5.jpg

Panam: Whaddya gonna do?
V: Thinking I might go and scope the place out first. I don't want to draw unwanted attention... just yet. I'm sure I'll think of something.
getting some deets 7.jpg

getting some deets 8.jpg

Panam: Well, If you need a hand or just want some company give me a holo. I'll be there quicker than a night.
V: Thanks for the help Panam, It's been good seeing you. You know I might just take you up on that offer. Talk to you soon.
getting some deets 6.jpg
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when i see this , reminds me this actor as Jonny ..isn't just a "gimmick" for marketing purpose .
globally all voice actors/actors 're good on this game ,
the sad thing on the FR version , sometimes the V female line feel a bit off , over acting when she feel sad or down on US version its better
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Maybe (the last update was the "DLSS3 FG and Reflex" update), but it could be from Nvidia Drivers too :)
i found the culprit it was the last drivers 531.29 ndvia messing around with the game
issues when i enable RT local shadow or RT sun Light shadow ,
each time i enable one of those setting on the last driver , getting time to time some stuttering
i rollback on the oldest version , and its all fine now .
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On this day two years ago now, I started a new game and created my iconic street kid. A young woman toughened by NC's harsh environment.
Just before the gig that would make them famous, Jackie has a quick snack and admires V's new jacket.

Jack: Nice jacket V. Where'd you snag the leather?
V: Some old guy with not an ennie in his pocket pawned it off on me, not too long ago. Had the look of a desperate Nomad. Long white hair, scars all over his face and arms. Probably from the last war. Said he needed to find his missing daughter.
Jack: He ever find her?
V: Dunno. Never saw him again. Never came back to claim the jacket. Never forgot the last thing he told me though.
Jack: What was that?
V: He said, 'Take good care of that. It's served me well when hunting monsters.'
thanks for the long support from CDPR , i can run the game with more setting at highter level and Nigh City is beautifull .
i check old photo i take in-game , above more 1 years .. damn performance and graphics have improve a lot .

last year my setting graphic in-game to run at 50/60 fps


now photo
( no philter , to tweak , just move the camera view )
what i notice since few month
- SSR rendering better
- AO on some few aera seems to more acurate
- dlss with good setting to avoid GPU/CPU bottleneck give an image more sharp , not as blurry a few weeks ago

itsn't even 5 or 6 month , my rtx can't handle both RTX feature and High texture quality , now the game run just fine
i can set SSR to Ultra , before i was on High
Cascade shadow even at medium getting less blurry , thanks to the last Ndvia driver
Ndvia reflex , give a boost to fluidilty in my case , GPU seems working as intented





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