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I've been obsessed with the Photomode for the last couple of days and I've been taking as many snaps as I can. Today I've been taking a lot of pictures of NPCs and wanted to share them. I also want to see what others in the community have been able to capture in this world, whether that's an NPC, scenic shot, or a cool photo of their V.

Here are some of the pics I've taken that I like the most.





There are many other screenshot threads though..

But here is one
There are many other screenshot threads though..

It's not the easiest locating threads not when the forum is as active as it currently is, unfortunately.
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Hello there everyone. I just got to the forums because I wanted to share my experience of the game (PS4) and add some screenshots while at it. I will start off by saying that the story I'll share has major spoilers, to I tagged it as such.
What I do want tp lead in with however, It was one hell of a ride. And I am very glad to have been behind the wheel for this one. Feelin' emotional even...

Allright, here comes my story, written in how I experienced it (needless to say not everything is touched upon, but the main thread as I have viewed it)
Dear CDPR and/or reader,

I have completed the main story of Cyberpunk 2077 yesterday late and I would like to share my experience, and to quote it as being a Nomad: “It was a hell of a ride”

Let me first quickly share my story:
I started out as a Nomad who find herself immediately in a smuggling run with a man known as Jackie Welles and would come to call a close friend and partner ‘in-crime’. We were about to make a name for ourselves. “a job to put us in the big leagues”, thanks to a dame known as Evelyn and her shadowbound netrunner Judy. Then fate happened. Jackie got killed and I got stuck with a terminal condition that would eventually make me fade into the blackness.

Whats more is that Evelyn disappeared and I started to get flashes and visions from this rockerdude called Johnny Silverhand. Trying to regain a grip on my world and reality I visited Judy again because I needed Evelyn, know what she’s done and how I could fix my condition. While cruising the city I found myself captivated by a number of songs on the radio and they intoxicated me, as if I never wanted to get off my bike. The Silverhand psyche put on the path towards the Afterlife where I would meet a charming bartender and Rogue. In the hopes of getting any lead on how I may fix my condition Rogue put me on a job with a Nomad from the Alvedaldos, Panam. It started off with some sparring because, well. I needed Panam to help with getting to an Arasaka deserter and she needed her wheels back. It seemed like nothing more than a ‘run of the mill’-city merc teamed up with a clanless wanderer, but soon it became clear there was much more lurking beneath the surface.

In a full days worth I met Panam, busted her wheels from another Nomad clan, saved her clan leader from capture and went on to hyjack the biggest and baddest hovertank imaginable. Along the way there was some cozy flirting going on in a shack when caught by a dust storm. All this made me an accepted outsider for the Alvecaldos. While driving between destinations the whimsical tunes on the radio kept me dozed, with some sputtering in between because of Relic malfunctions. Time became to be of essence.

In the mean time while in the city that never sleeps an Arasaka bodyguard called Takamura came to me. Together we devised a plan that should eventually help topple thee vil Yorinobu Arasaka. While strategising for a plan I found myself racing the city and badlands with Claire, only to find out I was used so she could get her revenge. Just when I thought the city was about to run over me, Judy came in contact with a daring plan to take over the Clouds, a place of adult business where she and Evelyn had worked previously. It was sort of revenge for Judy, but the more important part was that this set us on a direct path to get to learn more about each other. Just before the storm would rise to its climax, Judy and I went for a dive in the waters near the cities outskirts. A night of passion and savoring the one good thing Night City has to offer: a shot at love.

The next day I found myself meeting with Hanako Arasaka. I became immediately clear that the storm was about to hit hard and all I could think off at the moment was, I just found a positive flicker of light in between the neon. so just after committing to Judy, I already found myself saying my goodbyes. I asked Panam for help and together with the entire Alvecaldos clan we went to war, bare the full might of the Basilisk and storm Arasaka Tower via a MagLev tunnel. Venturing deeper inside the complex ultimately brought me to Mikoshi, the place where I would leave only to live for a short time, or not come back from at all.

I chose LIFE.

When I came too inside of a car I recognized the yellow bars immediately. Panam got me out of there somehow. We were headed for a temporary camp, only to pack up and ride into the sunset. When we got tot he camp I was told a surprise was waiting or me. I ran up and to my delight I saw Judy standing next to Carol and I could only think: YESSSS !!! She’s here too!
We exchanged and said to eachother that a new home was waiting for us on the other side.

And with that we rode inside the sunset…

And some screenshots below. I regretfully do not have made many during play so most are from going through the ending several times. but in my mind they explain presicely how I felt coming out of this experience.


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