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Slave infantry, locked unit, transform

Ok, so I've tried to use slave infantry on a locked unit on the board. It transforms into a slave infantry, and no lock is visible, but the unit is still actually locked. So, what is going on here?

Is the unit suppose to not be locked anymore, or is the lockpad bugged and not showing after transformation? A previously locked unit transformed into a slave infantry still has an "invisible" lock. So, the unit can be taken or damaged like a locked unit, despite no lock showing.

What's your opinions on this?
That was my thought as well when I first did this move, just to notice the lock was still actually there, but not visible. It was against Nilgaard and twice it was shown that he was actually locked still, despite no lockpad. Once with a damage per lock unit, and once with a "take" locked unit.
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Btw. Did anyone else notice this issue? Can they confirm it. I've barely played Nilfgaard and I am no expert, but I'm pretty sure I saw what I saw.
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