So I let the Child Murderer BD guy live.

Murdered the fk out of his kid though, made him watch. Listened to him lament the loss of his son and how he couldn't go on. blubbering as he kneeled before his boys body. When he stopped I pumped a few more rounds into the kids head. Make sure it's closed casket. Make sure he has something to clean up. Got it on him. Has to wash the brain off his face. Something to remember. A ghost to in the mirror every time he sees his own face.

Don't know that it was my most satisfying moment in Cyberpunk 2077, but definitely up there.


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I typically kill them both, but I make sure to kill the son first. Let the dad scream and cry while I collect the BD before killing him. I'll let Fredrik live on occasion but...rarely.
For me I either kill them both or leave them both alive.

I killed them both. I didn't feel good about it but I wouldn't feel good leaving them alive either.
I let both them alive because I'm the biggest kidnapper of NC:whistle:

In fact, only the father is count the bad in this gig. The son was be dragged, the Maelstromer are only mercs (learned from the computer message)

And I want to talk about why Lenny (the xbd dealer from Jig-Jig Street)'s datashrad can loot from a mob. I thought for a long time that the mob was Lenny (though he's unnamed, sometimes there're cases where the shrad indicates the name of an unnamed person. So it didn't arouse my suspicion at all):censored: If afraid that the players will miss it, they can put it on the table:censored:

And do you think the culprit will appear in the dlc?:whistle:
And I thought of a bold possibility: one of Vee's cute mate in dlc was actually the culprit of the XBD :D :D :D
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I let them live during the conversation. However, before I left the area, I decided I couldn't let it slide. I killed them both. I kept thinking about what the father said, "If not us, then someone else would do it." Eventually, I came to this conclusion: I'm here, I can do something, and I'm not about to let YOU do this. If i'm made aware of anyone else doing the same xbd editing, I will end them as well, no regrets.
I usually kill the son and let the father feel the same pain he caused.

I know it doesn't do anything story wise, but it feels good to give him a taste of his own medicine.
Once he stops weeping I usually end him as well.
But they were not the people who killed the child or? Or did I miss this piece?
They didn't kill.
They simply "work/edit" on the BD, but not really "better", they make money on "child murders". So many murders that they have a hard time to remember which child V is talking about o_O
Fwiw, here's how my V played this on the stream.

She first told them that she was happy to wait for security they'd like to call if there were any left.
Then, she walked out, telling them it was their lucky day and reminding them to send those security folks after her once they had replenished the supply.

The thought in the background is that the two are plain lowlives that don't do more damage than their job description prescribes. As they said, if they didn't sell the sh*t, someone else would. At least now we have a relationship, and they are her b**ches. If she visits again, they might just let her in and tell her what she needs to know. Betcha replacing all the dead guards will be a major HR nightmare.

My V's style is calculated, but else to confront and overpower. And loudly. She won't sneak in; she will blow up all the walls and walk in, blasting everyone into pieces one by one. Though, commonly, only those wielding weapons have to fear a bullet. My V rarely takes the role of jury, judge, and executioner. I say 'rarely', because there are a few exceptions:
- Adam Smasher, because no one else dares touch him, and it was long overdue.
- Woodman, because he's despicable
- Charles Bucks, same
- Royce, the same, throwing his own into the microwave
- Placide, because 'ranyon you, that's why'; Placide is the second most lead-filled character in the game, after Dexter. Dexter's body had over 100,000 bullets in it in my first gameplay when I found it. The message is don't screw with V. Similar would happen to Stout if the interaction of pinning V to the car was not optional.

That list might be it! The vast majority of the targets are downed but not killed. Any other death was likely accidental. More than once, I got the question on stream, don't I fear all those downed characters coming for me. I'd like them to get up and collectively return for a large-scale showdown.
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I don't kill them. They're not the ones killing kids, and this is night city. Everyone is trying to make a living some how. They're not actively killing kids, so by the morals of the city. They're fine in my book.
Damn, thats intense thread about ways to kill/not kill father and son...

I generally let them live. They are horrible people but NC is full of them and in some way, V has more blood on his hands than those two. V is a merc and killer for hire which usually doesnt ask questions and is capable of killing guards just go get some documents about polititians, kill a corpo manager because she drove over some girl etc. My point was that V is dealing with immoral people but in no way is a moral lighthouse at all. Those two were editors, pretty messed up and definitely were a part of terrible system, but generally for them it was just a work and all that gore made them emotionless and cold. Yeah they enjoyed work as you can read from emails, but its still different league comparing them to Jotaro and many other people around.
I killed the dad in my last playthrough. The son is...well, he's not all there. Felt wrong to kill him. His father though...he knows the difference between right and wrong.
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