Stash wall weapons bug in patch 2.1

Hi everyone.
I found a bug in patch 2.1. Some fixer weapons and iconic melee weapons sells by shop keeper which can show up on apartment stash wall, if you obtain them after patch 2.1 they won't show up on stash wall except the megabuilding H10's wall.
I obtained Byakko and Blue Fang before patch 2.1 so they show up on every apartment stash wall.
But, I obtained Seraph, Bloody Maria and Headhunter after patch 2.1, and they don't show up on all apartment stash wall except H10's one.
Is there anyone got the same problem?


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I don't even get that. Like one or two iconics will show up but that's it.
Weapon IDs have changed but haven’t been adjusted to the wall conditions - at least it’s how I understood it after 2.0 when the bug appears the first time around
Funnily enough 2.1 is the first time I've had the weapon wall functioning correctly in about 2 years. I don't understand how such a thing can be broken for so long.
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