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Succubus Triggers Another Harpy When Stealing a Unit



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Succubus Triggers Another Harpy When Stealing a Unit

Sucubus stealing berserker maurauder proced harpie coming out of the deck riddle me this LUL


Moved & Renamed thread.

Succubus is a beast. Stealing a unit triggers her beastly maneuvers again. But I guess that's not the way it's suppose to work. You can contact support and let them know.


4RM3D;n9473231 said:
beastly maneuvers
Since this thread is about Succubus, I dreamed an extra 'r' letter in 'beastly' upon first reading the phrase. Maybe a similar thing made Berserker Maurauder to go into a beast mode.


Hey was your succubus locked then unlocked by chance when this happened? (if not ignore this)


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Succubus + Geralt + Harpy

Played Succubus, after 2 turns took opponent's Geralt and a Harpy from my deck flew on a battlefield, though Geralt isn't a beast. Saw that exactly report in the "[bug] harpy" topic here.