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Suggestion: More deathblow abilities for ST

ST works rather well with Deathblow abilities due to the number of damage effects and pings they have including even a leader for that, but the actual number of
ST cards having a deathblow effect is rather low. So, I think it would make sense to rework/or buff some underused cards by giving them a deathblow effect.

Dol Blathanna Bomber (2,5):
Damage the lowest enemy on each row by 1. Deathblow: damage adjacent units by 1.

The deathblow should work for each row seperately, such that for full value a card on each row has to be killed. This way DB Bomber would need quite a lot of setup, but could generate up to 8 points if successfull.

Dol Blathanna Bowman (2,5):
Damage an enemy unit by 1 for each row that seperates it from this unit. Deathblow: Move the unit to the right to the other row.

I just added a conditional movement effect as a deathblow which can be usefull in a couple of situtions, but shouldn't be too strong either.

Blue Mountain Elite (3,4):
Order: Damage an enemy by 2, if there are no other units on its row, Charge: 1 Deathblow: Gain 1 charge.

A powerfull opener for ST.
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