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Suggestion: New Players should be warned of Casual Mode with a Pop-Up

Casual is a wild area in which new players shouldn't accidentally enter. I know that Ranked Progression is enabled by default (and is purposefully inconspicuous). It is a great start. But new players may tend to believe that "Ranked Progression" will be hard and might choose to disable it to enter into causal mode. Here, they could easily get destroyed and might have a very bad experience playing the game. So, I propose that, if a new player (lets say Level 15 or less) tries to play a Casual Mode, the game should show a Pop-Up with a warning saying something like "Ranked Mode is the best place for new players as they will be matched with players with similar card collections and skill. Casual Mode may match you with players with strong deck". Something like that.

The reason I am proposing this is, recently I wanted to fine-tune my Dana deck and played in casual mode and I was matched many times with very new players with level 6 and 14 etc. Those players played Witcher Trio. I felt very sad to win those games (they don't give the option for me to draw the game, otherwise, I will draw. They pass or forfeit before all the cards). So, if we assume that new players will have got a decent enough deck by Level 20, we should have a Pop-Up for players with less than that level if they uncheck-ranked progression.

[If it will be acceptable, the "Ranked Progression" check-box itself can be disabled for the new players until they reach a decent level, lets say Level 20. It will protect them from having a bad initial days in Gwent. Some will persevere but some will quit if they are matched against impossible decks more often. For the greater good, lets do something about this.]
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I would support this, as it confused me terribly. There simply is no explanation, just a tick. And of course, if you see "ranked", you automatically think "I'm just a starter, I will stand no chance in any rankings". And so I went through hell...
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