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The Most Beautiful Card Animations and Why

Welll.... I'm not gonna mention the naked dryad and elf ladies cuz that would be automatic otherwise. Besides them I'd have to say the most beautiful cards are... Birna Brand and Geralt: Professional. I think those two cards have a ton of emotion in them.

FYI, here name is Morenn. And speaking of the female "assets", both hers and Ves' shake when moving the card in the preview window.

Other than that, Phoenix has an incredible animation. Also, Seltkirk because of his transformation. There are some others, but those are most interesting ones.
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Oof, one of my favorite things about Gwent is the art. To pick a favorite one is pretty hard... so I'll list some that I love:

Xarthisius, Hemdall, Voorhis, Count Caldwell, Prince Stennis, Eist, Scorch, Shilard, Tibor, Rainfarn, Vilgefortz, Bekker's Twisted Mirror, Regis, Henselt, Vandergrift, Flaminica...

I know I'm missing a lot of cards that I just love to look at but these are just a few that I remember from the top of my head. Boobs are cool and all but you can't go wrong with a sad boi in a garden.
I really like Viper Witchers' premium, with the glowing eyes and the flying orens.

Roach needs to be mentioned, too. Her premium has been one of my favourites ever since it was first shown in a dev stream. :D
I wanted to create a similar thread, 'what is your the most favorite premium card' along those lines. So, thanks for creating this thread. My favorites:

1) Seltkirk : I created the premium (pre-HC, when I was poor) even though I played only (or mostly) ST. Just to look at the card animation. Seltkirk's reaction, the way he looks at his enemy, the sarcasm and toy-with-the-prey look, simply superb
2) Ioverth: This is the first ever premium card I crafted by spending MP. I mainly played SM and Ioverth was in my deck for the longest time. Not just that, but the animation and art is also awesome.
3) Ciri:Nova: The way Ciri bursts in anger, the starting of the animation.. Awesome
4) Geralt:professional: The anger/fury with the witcher-potioned Geralt, the way he looks 'Is there no one else?' is awesome.
5) Morvudd: There is something magical when Morvudd spawns those magic signs.

And of course, no list is complete without Ves, Moreann:Forest Child (now, call of forest), and Aglais :p
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Phoenix has an incredible animation.
Yes! Phoenix is also remarkable. One of my favorites. The phoenix actually has its child in its belly and it can be seen. Fantastic animation and art!!
There are so many beautiful animations that more than half the cards should deserve a mention. Here are some of my favouristes:
Rag Nar Roog - incredibly cool
Regis (both his cards)- they're so gloomy and dark, really give vampire vibes
Villentretenmerth - I don't know why he's flying above lava but I'm not gonna complain
Ciri: Nova
Vilgefortz - after reading the books I cry every time
Roche: Merciless
Leo Bonhart
Seltkirk, Priscilla and all the other cards with colour changes
...and probably the best of them all: Roach
All the ones you mentioned and DRAGONS! Dragons are awesome! All of them. The fiery one in particular. Which one is that? Blaze?
Tibor Eggerbracht, Coral, Vattier, Schirru etc.
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Seltkirk, Morvudd
sorry, I sincerely like these pieces of art the most... Not my fault it's mainly Nilfgard...

Vattier de Rideaux
Master of Disguise
Slave Infantry
and the other Nilfgard leader from Thronebreaker, with chess figures and a dagger...

Aguara: beast form
Roche: Merciless
Yennefer: Conjurer... very spectacular one....
Kiyan... dammm boi
Seltrik of Gultlet.... I dunno who's this guy, never played Witcher
Brewess trio...
All Wild Hunt as I've never played Witcher so they seem spectacular...
Jango Fett I mean Django Frett
Cursed Knight
An Craite Longsword
Dol Blathana SENTRY
(ok lets be real, and all the naked women...)