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The Pro Ladder is broken

The Pro Ladder is broken

I'm a 1200 fMMR kind of guy on the pro ladder and this week I happened to play 3 games against a guy currently rank 9 on the ladder and because my deck so happened to heavily counter his every time I won all 3. This means he lost 33 or 34 points in 3 games. If he had won all 3 he would have gains around 15 points at best.
That is bullshit. This guy is fighting for a spot in the Open. Why the hell is he playing against 1200 fMMR players?
Fix the matchmaking so that people are matched against those with similar fMMR.
Moreover, make the ladder actually hard to enter and stay in. If people don't play at least 100 games on 4 factions then kick them out. It's 2 months ffs. That's less than 7 games a day. If you can't do that then what the hell are you doing in the pro ladder to begin with?
I'm pretty bored of seeing the same people in the Opens because they are the ones who have the time to grind.
I'm 100% sure there are others who are better at the game but just don't have the time to play it as much. In this system where there is no matchmaking your only option is to grind and keep 60-65% win rate over thousands of games.
If it were balanced and put similar mmr players against each other I'm sure 100 games/faction would be more than enough.
And don't say you want people to find games quickly because that is not an issue. Waiting 5 minutes for a game is not an issue when your goal is to make it to the open.
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Id love to see an alternative. I don't have time to play all day long but feel as though I have the skill to compete though. It's a shame it works this way.
Its a shame that ProLadder have grind to win mechanic.
Just look at this poor guys on 1st page - from 1000 to 2600 games in 2 months lol. They are not top players, they r just top grinders without real life.
All they have to do is implement matchmaking in the Pro Ladder so that you face people with similar fMMR. If they do that then the grind disappears. I don't even understand why it hasn't been like that since the beginning. Their only possible reason is they don't want long queue times which is absolutely ridiculous. I can see that being a valid reason in casual or normal ranked since those things are supposed to be fun but pro ladder isn't supposed to be fun. Sure if you can have fun playing it that's great but the nature of the pro ladder is to be a qualifier. Fix it, you scrubs. I want to see some fresh faces in the next Open.
I totally agree. Wake up planners, ranking is broken, and for those each month finally getting up to 18/19, all of a sudden a loss is a point push well back where instead of finding yourself back XX points after 3 straight losses you can be pushed back so far into another long day of playing just to recoup. Let's be honest. All of this game is data programing, all of it, so it should be easy to make sure in ranked, one plays another within a certain allowed % of ranking. Just like in the coin flip fiasco, a little program that alternates flip game by game and is set up to square you off against the opponent with the opposite flip draw is needed. High level programing can even tweak it further so it isn't constant +, -. This isn't rocket science folks. Just takes programming. All this said, my gut feel is behind a lot of these disparities lie meetings where the topic reigns 'How to increase keg sales'. And to this mantra, issues play a very, very important 'planned' part. GOG is not ignorant.