The Witcher 3 started lagging incredibly much

Hello. This is my first post here. Unfortunately, it is a cry for help.

I run the Steam version of the Witcher 3. It has run smoothly across two PCs until mid-June. I have an AMD RX 6800 graphics card and run on an AMD platform. 32 GB of RAM, and the game is launched from an SSD.

Until recently, I have had framrates in the early 100s at 1440p.
Now, if I am lucky, I get 10-11 fps.
I have read about the slow motion bug. And my game also is unresponsive. However, I have tried hard to reinstall, reinstall drivers, end other programs that might interfere. Other games, like RDR2 runs like a charm with framerates in the 80s on 1440p.

I first thought the new AMD driver released in June was the culprit. I tried to roll back, reinstall.
There are no hardware changes, but a Windows update was installed around the same time as the AMD driver. I have been fiddling with power options, tried switching ports on the card, but I remain watching something like a slow motion drunken game.
Is there an easy to follow step-by-step list to kill the slow motion bug?
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