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In Update 2.1, we will add a new "Accessibility" tab to the game's settings where players can easily access all of the game's accessibility options. Below, you will find a list of all the new features that you’ll be able to find in this new section. First, the features currently available in the game with Patch 2.02. Then, the options that will be included in Cyberpunk 2077 and Phantom Liberty with Update 2.1. Please keep in mind that the new tab will only be available from Update 2.1.

Colorblind Modes

There are three colorblind options available:
  • Protanopia
  • Deuteranopia
  • Tritanopia


Players can enable cinematic, radio, and overhead subtitles. Cinematic subtitles display voiceover subtitles at the bottom of the screen, while overhead subtitles display background conversations above NPCs' heads.

Text Size and Overhead Text Size

This option allows players to adjust the size of the cinematic, radio, and overhead subtitles for improved readability. Players have six size options available for text size and five options for overhead subtitles — ranging from size 32 to 62.

Background Opacity

A slider that can adjust the background opacity of cinematic subtitles, improving subtitle visibility.

Aim Assist

This setting enhances how much the game assists the player while aiming. There are three separate settings for aim assist: aim assist for melee combat, vehicle combat, and ranged combat.

  • Ranged combat: off, light, standard, and substantial.
  • Melee combat: off, light, standard.
  • Vehicle combat: on and off toggle.
Snap to Target

A toggle that allows target snapping when aiming with firearms.

Additive Camera Motions

This setting reduces the amount of secondary camera movements, which may help players who experience motion sickness.

Weapon Sway

A toggle that determines whether the weapon sway while aiming is applied to the camera or the weapon’s position

Controller vibration

Allows players to adjust the vibration level of their controller.

Center of Screen Dot Overlay

When turned on, this toggle adds a dot in the center of the screen to help prevent motion sickness.

User Interface Haptic Feedback

A toggle to disable haptic feedback when interacting with the user interface

Features coming with Update 2.1

Larger Fonts

A toggle that changes certain font sizes in the user interface. This change will primarily affect:
  • Most of the tooltips
  • Most settings screens
  • Loading screen tips
  • Some elements on the load and save menus
  • Button hints at the right bottom of the screen
  • Category names in the inventory
  • HUB menu – including the available numbers and text above the skill/attribute button
  • Database Entries
  • Small adjustments in the journal
  • Adjustments on the crafting/upgrading panels
  • Stats
  • Small adjustments to the scanner.
  • Number of available items on the wardrobe
  • Number of crafting components in the backpack
  • Numbers of items – including consumables, food, and drinks.

Hacking Minigame Time Limit

Removes the timer in the Breach Protocol minigame.

Larger HUD Elements

A toggle that increases the size of the HUD to make it larger for improved readability.

Remove HUD Visual Effects

Removes the chromatic aberration effect, also known as "ghosting," in the HUD. This effect can primarily be seen on the minimap, tracked quest, current weapon, available equipment, and items.

Reduce HUD Decorative Elements

This option hides elements unnecessary for gameplay from the HUD to reduce clutter and improve visibility.

Remove HUD Lens Distortion

Disables the lens distortion effect from the HUD. This primarily affects the settings menu and the minimap.

Weapon Cycling to Arm Cyberware

An option that can enable or disable cycling to arm cyberware when cycling through equipped weapons.

Adaptive Triggers and Trigger Effect Intensity

A toggle that can disable the adaptive triggers on the DualSense controller and a slider to control its intensity.
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These are amazing changes! Thank you CDPR for implementing them.
At the risk of appearing as an ungrateful customer, I wish this accessibility feature patch also included the setting to reverse the font colors on blocks of text (mainly journal and shards/notes). Light text on a dark background is difficult to read for many people with astigmatisms -- not everyone apparently, but the text lines sort of imprint on my vision and then don't line up perfectly with the next lines, making it increasingly difficult to read further. So I can't appreciate all of the excellent written stories in the game due to physical discomfort.

anyway this is one of the best games ever, thank you so much for making this game even awesomer over time <3
Where is keybind change support for xbox? Xbox has keyboard support but you can't change any keybinds... ( that's my accessibility feature that I really need) was born with one arm so keybind changes would really help
Well done on the update guys, it's defo very much appreciated.

Super sorry about this but regarding accessibility, is it possible to make the stick sensitivity on consoles more aggressive? Or larger maybe? I uh... have a Dualsense that has pretty bad stick drift and I can't eliminate it even when the sliders are pulled all the way. I know it's a me issue, totally understand if I'm ignored.

Much love from across the world, thanks guys.
Thanks so much for the metro. I've been wanting to just sit in the train and listen to music, since launch. I was gutted, when it wasn't one of the 2.0 changes and just assumed I was the only one obsessing about it. This is a huge for me (and hopefully others)!
First thing I'm gonna do when I install this patch is enable those three new hud options. The curved 3D ghosted look always made me feel like I needed glasses.
Rhere was a thread recently with people complaing about fonts being "blurry" in the HUD. The "Remove HUD Visual Effects" option could really help with that.
Looking forward to these changes.
First of all, thank you all so much for turning Cyberpunk 2077 into what it is now, I've been having a blast and can't wait to dive into PL and 2.1 (specially for the NCART system!!) in a couple of days!
Now, talking about the accessibility features, could a flashlight be considered into the update? Some areas of the game (even mission areas) are quite dark and make navigation and exploration troublesome. The Delamain garage for example, the area behind this little room overlooking the garage was too dark to spot immediately. Navigation beacon wasn't helping hah.
Flashlight please? Pretty please?
This is great, please consider FOV for console, even if it costs a few frames, include a warning or something but it is quite urgent! Thanks for the support.
Changes to UI is good, still have not be able to remove the 3d curved effect. Have to use older mod to make UI element flat, otherwise the curved makes me a little dizzy.
There are still a bunch of very serious bugs and this is what CDPR is working on? How about making kerenzikov work, or fixing the save bug that requires a restart? What about fixing house on the hill or making it so the game doesn't crash every hour?
Thanks for the rundown.

Any word if this will give us the option to remove the Quest Marker or Auto Quest Tracking? I didn't see anything about it in the post, but I'm still holding out hope!
I was hoping that they would give us save slots maybe 10 or more so we could play different styles in the game well hope they add into the game
Great update, please also add:
  • Full car customization
  • Weapon and attachments customization (color, etc), it is often happens that weapons and attachments are in weird color combinations
  • Weapon attachments upgrade, we can upgrade modifiers by combining them, why not do the same with weapon attachments
  • Flash light / night vision or something similar for better vision at night/dark places.
  • Toggle to disable auto choosing next quest, it's a little annoying that after completing a quest, the next one is automatically activated
  • Filters in storage (same as in backpack), it's hard to find something when you have a lot of items in storage.
  • Better marking for ground loot (mostly weapons), scanner not always marking all weapons that dropped from enemies.
First of all, update 2.1 looks fantastic. Most of all, I'm glad CDPR hasn't stopped supporting improvements to this game.

Unfortunately, I can't even get started on this awesome game.

The main reason is that the FOV slider option does not exist on my Xbox series, and because of that, I had no choice but to delete the game after playing it for several hours.

The dead zone on the right stick is horribly large and is a disaster when it comes to controlling it.

I don't know if the above issues will be improved in update 2.1.
However, CDPR continues to improve this game, and I hope that both of the above issues will also be improved in the near future.

Only after improvements are made will I be able to start playing this wonderful game.
Thank you.

But the option to disable the floating and blinking quest marker is still needed. A mini-map is enough for many players to navigate.

And the option to turn off all flickering and interface distortions would be great too.

Also, those sounds when picking up items and interacting with objects sometimes line up in a huge queue and play for some time after the player has finished interacting with objects. It's annoying.
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