Vypper is broken



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Just played two games with a Vypper deck - the first one a Vypper switched graveyards R3 (I think after oppo played Coral) and in the second one it was R1 when I discarded it in my Graveyard, it went in oppo's Graveyard and when I killed his unit that he played it returned to my Graveyard again. I think it bugs when something enters the Graveyard while it's in there.

I did not apply a ticket cause it wanted video and I will not do this again. It's way too annoying.
Well, if you don't send in a ticket there is no guarantee CDPR will find out about the issue. No one here can really do anything about it; posting a thread does not count as a proper bug report.


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Good to hear it's broken tbh. One of the cards that mostly suck any fun off a match.
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