Weird Mobile Glitch

Using the Android app, I frequently get stuck inside the Deck Editor when a card gets zoomed in and there's no way to zoom back out, so I'm forced to close the app. Unfortunately, I just encountered something similar while inside of a match. The crazy thing is that what ended up being selected was completely impossible. I was using a Syndicate deck versus a Scoia'tael deck, and the effect that went full screen was the Fruits of Ysgith leader ability. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Also, I must say that if this glitch ever becomes as frequent as the one that had previously only plagued the Deck Editor, then I'm officially done with using mobile. I already struggle with seeing my hand inside of a match due to the poor display.

Not entirely related, but the connectivity timeout should really be lengthened. I immediately reentered the app after closing with a perfect internet connection, and by the time everything was loaded, I had already lost the match.
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