What is up with the ragdolls in this game???

Really wish Rockstar team had made CP2077. Maybe I’d be less irked by silly issues and could just enjoy the game. A Rockstar - Naughty Dog team up would set this whole dog turd straight.
Maybe, and even certainly, there would be some things better.

But in any case, there is one thing that I am sure, it is that since always, in Rockstar's games, the gravity does not act only on the dead's bodies but also (and heavily) on the character.
-Like Arthur and his "truck" playability (really boring as possible in confined spaces).
-Like Arthur who falls miserably as soon as the slope is a little too steep (just hilarious).

But we will never know, It will never happen :)
The ragdolls in CP are just ridiculous, there's no way to sugarcoat it. It seems to me though that the developers at CDPR are not great at implementing good physics in general. You can see it in almost all areas, like car physics or water physics for example.

What I don't understand is why they don't hire people that are experts in these areas, or license the best tools available. Budget was not the issue here that's for sure.
There are ragdolls in the game?

Yeah, but check out the video I posted before. You can see how good the ragdolls were at one time. I mean that Scav falling back on the stack of tires looks amazing! I hope they bring that back in the next gen update.
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