What would Fix the game for you?

Honestly though, what this looks most like, as the pattern is identical with many other major studios whom went down this road, is corporate assassination ;)
It was sort of what I expected. The story writing is not nearly as good as the witcher 3, that was the only downer, but maybe it gets better later. In general i am happy with the performance of the game, but I play in 1080p.
I was having fun, until patch 1.05, now i cannot play the game. I asked for help in steam forums, and aparently I got a lot of replies but now I cannot read them because they deleted my post. I want to ask for help in the forum, but I cannot ntil I reach 10 posts, so I will spam my story until I can finally ask for help in a proper post.
1. More post-romance interactions or activities, not just texts.. wtf? feels empty as hell! Can't even sleep with her/him.
2. Armor sets / Transmog
3. Companion NPC or at least call for aid
4. Larger scale fights, not just a few gang members
Once the bugs are fixed more is what I want. Having played a lot of Shadowrun and a little of Cyberpunk one of the great things about being and edge runner is being able to decide your own fate...provided you life long enough. That said I don't think the current story is suited for that, though depending on the way any expansions go I think there is a path to open this sort of idea up and add it into the game.
First of all I played 10 days straight, I completed every main/side/gig quest (just some blue icons left on map), I bought everything i could, I experienced almost everything CP2077 has to offer.
And despite the fact i really liked the game for what it is and enjoyed it , i have to admit it's not perfect at all.
And i have couple of things to talk about that i felt were done lazy/poorly/messy/nonsensical and were preventing me from enjoying the game at it's fullest. As an indie game designer myself I will talk over things i think need to be changed and how exactly i would change it\put in order (and who knows maybe i'll be able to do so with upcoming modding support) to deliver proper ultimate experience of CP2077.
Keep in mind that everything i say is just my personal take and i'm not saying that "this should be like that! Period!" ... i just feel that my vision would make the game much better ... just imo

So... let's break it down:
Remote hacking - done poorly imo.
What i mean by that is Cyberpunk (universe, setting) is not the same as hi-tech sci-fi. It is not about wireless networks everywhere and hackers that can breach anywhere from any place (ultimately it's not watch_dogs).
Cyberpunk is a retro-future setting meaning it's more hardware/wired/direct based. There are wireless tech but it's not everywhere, it should be rather rare and local. Remote hacking as it is in the game rn breaks those rules, breaks CP setting immersion, makes it feel like another common sci-fi bs and most importantly it makes stealth gameplay very OP, repetitive and even boring after a while.
I would fix this by making remote hacks available only through nano wire from small distance (and that's how it was initially actually, we saw it in gameplay videos) or accessible after grab from behind (and again initially it was like this. You could grab, connect with your personal wire and then hack. I guess it's not "remote" hacking in the case of grab but i would leave it like that). For cameras/turrets and distraction i would use access points in the area. Those changes would make stealth harder, less repetitive, more interesting ... and more immersive.

Weapons, clothing, crafting - totally messed up.
Random stats/colors/tiers without ability to control anything, everything is just ... not good.
Don't get me wrong, i love how weapons feel in CP2077, i love how weapons and clothes look, but randomness, absence of sensible and capped values, lack of actual customization forces you to use whatever with better stats, devalues every single gun and piece of clothing.
You cannot get attached to your favorite toys and outfits, you can't make them truly yours and stick with stuff you like. Crafting has not much sense too (making iconic weapons right away was not a good idea imo).
In general whole gear and crafting system is very messy and it was very bad game design choice to make it this way. So i would put things in order, give ability to stick with things you actually like ... and i'd achieve that this way:

First thing is blueprints. I would make it so you acquire (find,buy) blueprints only for base versions of weapons. Using blueprints you could craft only base version of weapon (LV1 if you will) and that's it.

Then you can upgrade/modify your weapon like this:
LV1 Base weapon (Exact same stats every time for every type of weapon, 2-3 mod slots, Modifiable with base mods)
LV2 Uncommon weapon (Increase stats, Unlock painting, New mod slot, Modifiable with base and uncommon mods)
LV3 Rare weapon (Increase stats, Unlock liveries, New mod slot, Modifiable with base/uncommon/rare mods)
LV4 Legendary (Increase stats, New mod slot, Unlock mods painting, Modifiable with base/uncommon/rare/legendary mods, Unlock weapon perk unique for every weapon type, Unlock ability to make smart weapon)
LV5 Iconic (Increase stats, New mod slot, Modifiable with base/uncommon/rare/legendary/iconic mods, Unlock mods liveries, Unlock ability to attach Skippy)

With this everything would be in order, you could make your own perfect toy, you could find someone's unique weapon and know what exactly is unique about it (and how to make one like this), you would get attached to your weapons, weapons would acquire value in general and would be one more thing for the player express personality.

Next are clothes.
Same complaints as guns. Same reasoning. Solution is pretty similar too.
LV1 Base piece of clothing (exact same stats every time for every type, choose color at the shop)
LV2 Uncommon item (Unlock mod slot, Unlock patch spot)
LV3 Rare item (Unlock new mod slot, Unlock new patch spot)
LV4 Legendary item (Unlock new mod slot, Unlock print spot)
LV5 Iconic item (Unlock new mod slot, Unlock unique visual upgrade like spikes/additional pockets/cloth wearing etc.)
All the same as weapons ... value, attaching, personality would be achieved, mess would be gone.

For the cars it's much more simple.
Paint, Vinyls, Rims, Interior color would be enough to make player happy and be attached to his/her vehicle.

The most important thing about all of this is that you could make replicas of unique things you saw, cars you liked. You could make Quadra Eleanor/Cthulhu look a like for example but then when you acquire the actual Quadra Eleanor/Cthulhu you would see that it looks similar to your replica but yet unique because of body work. So similar but not the same (and there's actually very good take on replicas topic in game already. So i think they wanted to achieve those things
but couldn't for some reason or didn't know how maybe or just dropped it unfortunately)

I think that if things were (or could be maybe ... let's hope for modding) like i described game would be more balanced, more clean, player's experience and overall satisfaction would be times better. Game simply would be much better.

Honestly if there were proper tools rn and all of this could be achieved with modding I would just dive in and started to do this because i feel this could make pretty huge difference. But for now ... just a forum post ... all i can

P.S. I also miss Flathead ... a lot. Let's hope for dlc (or again ... modding)
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1. Please, please, please restore the cut content. It's everywhere and so so obvious. I know this game will get a ton more depth just from that alone. Also, finish and flesh out the things that were rushed.

2. Deepen and expand the relationships and interactions you can have with the characters and romances. These characters are so well written and moving, and yet it feels like you hardly get to know them at all. I really want more stuff to do with Judy, Panam, Takemura, Vik, Misty, etc.
2a. I want entering a relationship with one of the characters to actually feel like a relationship and not like a one night stand that's forgotten the next day.

3. Lifepaths should matter more.

4. More things to involve you in the city/reasons to explore and get lost.

5. Wanted system and gang rep system/missions.

Seriously, the potential is here for this game to be something people adore for the rest of their lives. I know you guys can do it.
Hi Cyberpunk people

Hi random person !

I completed the main story and all side quests
30 hours +-

140 Hours, main story, some side quests, a lot of exploring and general meyhem. Few shameless photos of tits, few more artistic ones and oh my that's beautiful too. Yeah a bit of fun until I decided to see how ending turnes out. What a bullshit that is.

what would fix the game for you? in your honest opinion?

I would be banned for my honest opition and probably shot in the head :)
Different, proper, engaging ending, not that
sad, dissapointing and depressing bullshit
, proper design for PC, not port from console, especially controls and proper 21:9, 4K support.

we waited 8 years, is this what you expected?

Last time I was somewhat dissapointed like that was when final season of Game of Thrones came out. Lost series also comes to mind, but Cyberpunk takes the win by large margin. Sad dissapointment. Great story with poor and unoriginal ending.

what could the red devs add/remove/fix in this game it make it better?

You Asked, so here I go ...

- More fun,
possitive and imaginitive endings
- More effect our actions can have on the world (right now there are literally none)
- After main story, go back to a world in aftermatch, not just load game before that point.
- Much better controls, properly designed for PC
- a lot of QOL changes, crafting one ammo at a time is just ridiculous.
- Proper 21:9 support, without that stupid, immersion breaking cropping bars. FFS CDPR WTF ??? It's 2020. Can't really deal with proportions ? OMG.
- MALE: Ability to take butt naked photo of my dangling johnson at the front of Arasaka bulding like a proper exhibitionist and pervert !!!
- FEMALE: Ability to take butt naked photo of my lower lips on the hood of a sports car, like a proper whore !!!
- If above two poins are not clear, allow me to clarify: More freedom, I want to be pervert, evil motherfucker because I had a bad day, cyberpunk should be a goto game for that.
- Better character creator, especially face, the nose/mouth/jaw presets are difficult and feel random. CDPR - heard of sliders ? Wider nose, lower/upper nose ? You don't even have to redesign it, use your nose presets, just order them properly and logically and that should help a lot.
- Optimization sucks
- 8Mb save file limit ? Really ? Cut my legs off and call me shorty. How much code you had to add to a game engine to come up with that feature ? FFS.
- Level scalling, many areas become pointless to come back to.
- Proper skills, that actually affect character and gameplay
- Ability to shoot random stranger in the head without entire police force on my ass
- More thankful citizens, when saved from gangsters, a "please fucking no" is funny, but out of place and ungrateful.
- Better GPS for cars
- Quest givers, not just overflow my in-game phone with quests, gigs. For example, in order to access new area, first a introduction must be made to fixer, maybe with a quest or two to get a feel for an area, then we can start to build our rep there and get more and more quests ? Is that so hard to come up with ?
- Better more inviting to replay ending FFS !
- Better more inviting to replay ending FFS !
- Better more inviting to replay ending FFS !

That's from top of my head.
The biggest issues that CDPR should fix ASAP:

1) Netrunning is extremely underutilized and just misses the forest for the trees. You're telling me I can immerse myself in a fully digital 4D construct of the internet, but my character can't shitpost anywhere? Cmon CDPR.

2) No option to get in debt and an get in a (very) homosexual relationship then hand over the reigns to Johnny in the end and watch him deal with the fallout. Cmon CDPR immersion time

3) Gameplay mechanic allowing me to kill myself is underutilized at best. I was able to use this mechanic only once during the main questline - even though I wanted to kill myself pretty much every step of the way
I'd kill to see no 2 happen. :LOL:
honestly i just unistalled the game and w8tin for money return
this game is so poorly desing in term of A.I that i don't want to play anymore
Crucial fixes:
1. Straight up go back to designing the model of game that was advertised.
a) Body mods provide more depth, monowire allows personal hacks from a fair distance, gorilla arms bypass strenght check for most doors, you get my drift.
b) Clothing stores show your character and the possible looks with all the items (like the trailer where you look into mirror)
c) Add cosmetic stores e.g. Hairstylist, Tattooist, Cyberware Cosmetics.
d) Add leisure depth e.g. Playing pool in bar, Drinking in bar, drugs have more unique animations when used, Starting fights with NPCs both in bars and streets (just better AI like that of GTA)
e) Bring back the mature content we were lead to belive there'd be e.g. More hookers, Better scenes, Braindance porn should be watchable not just junk items, Choice of nudity so wearing underware or bra by choice for consistent nudity.
f) Have a option for those with epilepsy, I'm not epileptic and MISS THE ORIGINAL BRAINDANCE FLASHES.
g) More stealth kill animations for choice, each weapon animation should be unique.
h) More melee animations, especially for Mantis and Monowire, Monowire should be able to choke guards.
i) Vehicle customisation. duh.
j) Better POV, I really expected to see more of my character's body and not be reduced to a floating bubble with a skyrim mod attached. Just breaks immersion when you have to look dead at the ground to feel like you're in your characters body.
k) Third person cause we know it can be done, don't be lazy and put this on modders to achieve.
l) Better perks, cmon guys you can do it better, honestly the content we saw in trailers should have translated into perks or cyberware.
m) Cyberpsychos need more cinematic fights, we should feel like we're fighting a truly unique indivdual compared to common placed enimes.
n) The cops, it's AI, yeah it sucks and we need that fixed, cause they're the true cyberpsycos.
o) More depth to the intro's for each path, they were super short to what we were lead to believe.
p) There's so much more too.

p.s. I do love the game, infact haven't stopped playing, yet I'm always left dissapointed.

So please don't forget to make the game promised, the experience advertised, since there's so much to do you'll have my patience just don't get narrow visioned (again) or get lazy towards the end of the 'fixes' because this really is just the skeleton of the game we DREAMED of.
I played the game on a basic ps 4 up until the last main mission when it broke... Yeah, I'm that guy... All that aside this game imo needs :
1. Quests and joinable gangs for every faction you pick ( streetkid - gangs, nomad - family's , corpo - ranks ) be able to climb up the "ladder" and get different rewards ( special weapons , cars and such )
2. A little dual wielding never hurt anyone ( double pistols, katana and pistol, stuff like that, think bout it )
3. Different stealth finishers for the mantis blades and monowire and all that.
4. Difficulty ? - honestly the only hard fight I had was with hanako.s bodyguard. Played the game on very hard.
5. Driving is absolutely terrible ( i hit a car while on the bike at max speed and nothing happens ) hard to keep cars on the road.
6. Crafting - how can it be so bad and simplistic, it.s like in a mobile phone game. No point in bringing witcher 3 crafting in, but it was 10000 times better. And maybe you should be able to dismantle all common gear at once ( same for uncommon and all that ).
7. Level scaling - more than half of my side jobs and gigs remained undone because the threat lvl was very low and I didn't see the point.

Just some ideea.s, I'm not even mad, just want to see this game reach it's potential. GL guys
Hi Cyberpunk people

I completed the main story and all side quests
30 hours +-

what would fix the game for you? in your honest opinion?

we waited 8 years, is this what you expected?

what could the red devs add/remove/fix in this game it make it better?

I am not sure if this will ever get heared by the devs but I was thinking about creating a report after playing through almost everything of what I would miss anyways, because I think objective information helps more than sensless rage posts:

Game Settings:

- Add Subtitle selection for Translated Subtitles (Currently if you disable subtitles, the japanese and spanish texts are not subtitled by standard, which makes no sense as you answer them)
- Add more enhanced Keybindings (every Key and Function should be binded separately)
- Add Ultra Wiedescreen mode to disable fish like optics
- Fix Language Selection (currently I have to change my language on every game start again it is not saved)


- fix bug where sometimes music and / or environmental sounds just disappear.
- fix bug, where dialogues are cut off at the end of the sentence (no specific example here)
- fix bug, where the "System Malfunction" Sound would never disappear (especially in the final missions)
- overhaul Motorcycle sounds to sound more realistic in every gear and not all the same


- optimize streaming of Textures and Elements. Both are disappearingto fast and reappearing to low. (even on the best Hardware you can get) Maybe you can load more elements in a specific range around the player at a time? I feel higher details are streamed way to late which results in visible texture loadings.
- lightining in cars is way to bright, sometimes I cannot see the street anymore (could be RT related did not test non RT)
- fix white glowing eyes. In cars especially when you talk to persons beside you, the eyes are glowing extremely white
- fix black objects popping in some scenes (Helicopter Scene where you fly to Arasaka tower in Act 1 in the distance you see many black popping objects in the sky)


- Minimap should be zoomable. Currently minimap is too close. When you drive you cannot see when to turn left or right as the distance displayed is way too close.
- status effects on you should be better visible or described somewhere.
- status effects on enemy could be shown above healtbar instead as colourd line in health bar.
- in inventory when you click on an attachement for example and then want to switchback to the weapon in generalyou need ESC to get our of attachments and then be able to click on the weapon. You should directly be able to click the weapon.
- Backpack is a total mess. Needs better sorting for diverse typs of item categories. I never know what is for what in there.
- description for how to level skills. I mean some skills are logical, others are not so logical like how to level Annihilation or Cold Blood.
- Cold Blood status needs to be shown in UI


- enhance car AI and spawns. Cars literally spawned in my car and exploded. Sometimes cars would spawn in the air not moving at all and stuff.
- enhance enemy AI. This is part of the balance topic
- overhaul your police and law system ingame. Generally there is no police, no police cars at all or something like that. Although lore says that corps are taking care of laws mostly ...you have to do something here. Especially because police always gets active when it should not (while taking out criminals for example)
- of course overall optimize performance of engine. It runs okay on my PC but my PC is totally high end (RTX3090, Ryzen 9 5950X, Samsung Evo 980 PRO)


This is a pretty hard topic as I cannot name what exactly needs to change but here are some things.

- Difficulty. The game is way too easy on every mode. This comes with bad AI and not good scaled health and armor ratings.
- Leads to bad scaled Perks. Dunno but I literally never used a perk with x-percent more damage in anything because max values are about 10% more dmg output which I can get easily in 15 minutes with a new gun that deals more damage.
- Leads to Weapon balancing ... it just does not feel right. There should be Iconic Legendary weapons yes, and they should be hard to find or special in any way. I would do things differently, but thats just a suggestion:

Every Vendor has specific models of weapons. And you can upgrade them by Mods and Specific ammo used.
You dont want 1000s of them with random values and better DPS ... that makes no sense. Better Mods make better DPS, better Perks make better DPS. Thats how it should be done for my taste.

- Leads to Clothes and Armor. Ill be honest this needs as well to be completely redisigned.

Same here as with weapons. Clothes should be in first instance bound to their optics. You than can add specific armor, and mods to them. Perks also will improve your resitances and so on ... you know what I mean?

- Crafting should be enhancing Clothes and Weapons System. So getting materials and be able to maybe give them some bonuses through crafting. Or craft them yourselves. If you have no Skill in Crafting you need to find or buy your items.


- Quest bugs need to be fixed. I have only one really critical one "8ug8ear" Quest wont run even with new 1.05 patch.
- Lifepaths should have any impact on the story and way the game turns out. 1 hour Lifepath quest at the beginning and thats it with the life path ... senseless sorry.
- Factions and Reputation System. Nice to have but would be awesome. Get bound to factions and have advantages / disadvantages for it.
- Useful appartments: You can exactly do nothing in your appartment. I use it as Roleplay aspect currently, but taking a shower and sleep is all I do in there. Maybe show off my weapons, where I cannot even choose whats shown, as only specific weapons (you dont know which ones) are shown.
- Change appearance ... no need to specify this more.

So thats what came to my mind on first thoughts.
There is definitively more worth mentioning, but I guess these points are major things Id like to see changed, and which should be doable as well.
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