Why double the value of the journey in latin america? Is that a bug?

Today I woke up excited to be able to buy the new journey from Yennefer, but when I came across the price I saw that I simply couldn't pay, because it was costing almost twice as much as the last journey.

What is very strange that google playstore where it used to be more expensive is now cheaper than at GOG, which theoretically should be the cheapest place since the CDPR platform itself.

I hope it is a bug, because with every day that passes the CDPR disappoint me more.
I would like to think that it is simply a mistake, it cannot be that now the price is double and they have not even spoken about it. I hope answers from you in some way.
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I think generally is more expensive, like more than conversion rate expensive. But not twice as much.

Currently the season pass in Colombian pesos costs $37.900 ($10,57 USD), whilst the cost in dollars is $9,99 ($35.805 COP). So it's usually better to pay in dollars, you can do this by downloading the game in computer, playing in english (I think) and pay in the GOGs game store. At least that works for me since I play in english on my phone but pricing is still in COP there.

May be there's an error in your country or digital services are charged differently there (taxes perhaps)?
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