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Wild Boar Board Glitch/Issue

Hola. Just earned this new game board but, as you can see, the colors onscreen look all yellowed out whenever I equip it. The first pic is what everything looks like with the Wild Boar Board equipped (even the cards and leaders look jaundiced). The second pic is when I have the default Skellige game board equipped. Any idea what could be causing this? Ever seen this issue before? It's too bad, because that yellowing effect makes the artwork overly dark and crappy, which is a bummer because I was looking forward to a change of scenery when I play.

gamma or brightness issues 01.jpg
normal gamma or brightness 01.jpg

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I should mention that this is the PC version.
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I would also say that the Skellige board itself has a slightly blue atmosphere mich makes the contrast just stronger.
That's disappointing if true. I sort of wondered if they were going for the appearance of twilight or something, since there are candles lit, but applying the effect to your cards as well just makes the whole thing look like the gamma and hue are off on my monitor. Oh well, I just won't use it.

Thanks for the responses.