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Wrong card image shown on deck list

I know Regis wants all his power, so his first course of action is to look like him. Then take over the throne - like a boss usurpator.
àhm Regis ? He is no King, he doesnt have a throne, dude ! You have to go straight for the power, skip the disguise then You good. ( Bug alarm ! )

gwent bug.jpg
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Are referring to the Letho image next to Regis?

If so, yes, there are still small issues like this one happening in the deck builder sometimes. It doesn't affect the gameplay but if course you can mention things like that to CDPR support:

Maybe they can fix it once the homecoming update is released.
I noticed this too after the update... it's an indexing error, probably caused by the change in card order of the set. click on the mistaken cards and then savving the deck resets them to the correct pictures
It frequently happens to me that the game shows the wrong artwork for the cards in my deck when i'm in Deckbuilder Mode (see screenshot). This isn't just an esthetical problem, it is also confusing when trying to build a deck!